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Simple Shaivite Life

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worship of Lord shiva                                      


It is well known that Hinduism is a sophisticated religion. It is also the fact that Hinduism is an easy to follow religion too. It depends on which facade of it one wants to pursue. Whatever sophisticated philosophies one goes to ultimately it needs to translate into practical adherance. This section addresses that aspect. Please send your suggestions/comments.

As explained in various sections, there exist multiple ways in the liberal religion of Hinduism to worship the God. What is presented here is some for those who wish to start with something. Salutations to the Graceful Feet of Lord shiva that Its Glory guide us unto It !

Daily Prayers

Everyday we have 24 hours of time at our disposal for us to spend. The prayers below would hardly take a minute each and could be recited at various points of time during the day. This is certainly each one of us can do. Apart from this it would be a good idea to sit and chant the Holy Five Syllables namaH shivAya atleast for five minutes and/or keep chanting whenever possible all through the day. This great mantra does not have any restriction on in what position or when to chant.


Sanskrit devanagari ScriptRomanized

Tamil thamiz ScriptRomanized

Regular Worship (Nitya pUja)

While the ardant ones could do the regular worship on a daily basis, others could atleast do that once in a while. While we have 168 hours in a week, it may not be a major scheduling to get about one hour for the worship. It would be a good idea to worship at the temple once a week along with the family. It is a place we get to learn; we get refined; we get kindled !

16 Hindu Rituals - Shodasa Samskaras

பூவும் நீரும் Information on flowers and abhisheka material (Tamil)                                                            

சிவார்ச்சன சந்திரிகை Worship of Lord shiva (Tamil translation)

Temple Worship Procedures

shiva aShTottara shata nAmAvaLi (sanskrit archana)  devanagari script Romanised Audio MP3

thamiz aruchchanai  thamiz script romanised Audio MP3

பஞ்ச புராணம் MP3

vratas (observances)

kEdhArEshwara vrata

shivarAtri pUja

bhakteshwara vratam

More at Festival Inforamtion

Accomplish needs through prayer (kAmya pUja)

There is nothing superior to worshiping God in pure devotion without asking for anything. Lord shiva, as more than a mother, will take care of what is right for such devotees. But given that there are needs in life that needs to be addressed to why not plead to Lord shiva ? That should be something very effective and most satisfying to the heart.

thirumuRai medicine

Prayer for safe delivery of child

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