Shaiva Hub

(Hindu Shaivite Religious/ Spiritual Service Hub)

The idea of ​​this Shaiva Hub is to serve as a link/hub for getting to know the religious/spiritual activities that are happening in the various localities. This would help the new comers to the locality as well as the people who were not aware of such spiritual services happening next door, to join the groups. Staying in the company of devotees is a great thing even the saints plead the God for! ( aDiyAr naDuvuRRirukkum aruLaip purivAy ).

This hub shares only the information about the regular activities. (For one off activities please visit the Events calendar at Events Calender .) While this hub shares information on the availability of activities in the neighborhood, it in no means can claim responsibility for the activities that are happening in the groups. The individual devotees are requested to take the information available here as only leads and could decide to go with the activities where they can serve the Supreme Lord Shiva to their satisfaction and to the Supreme's delight.

List of Shaivite Service Hubs