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Shaivam.org's Shaiva Lahari Radio is a 24x7 Internet Shaiva radio station dedicated to singing the glories of Lord Shiva through music and discourses in various languages - Sanskrit, English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

1. You can listen in the Shaivam.org website through the Radio Strip below.

2. Listen to the radio section on the Shaivam.org mobile app

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3. You can also listen to this radio through the following devices.

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Also enjoy listening to other radios of Shaivam.org

1. Sivatattvam - Special Radio for Tamil Shaiva Discourses

2. Thiruneriya Tamilosai - Radio for Tamil Shiva Devotional music and Thirumurai

 We welcome devotional music or lectures based on vedas, shivagamas, thirumurai and shaivite devotional literature. If you are the copyright owner of the audio and would like to put in shaivam.org for the benefit of larger devotees please get in touch with us at [email protected]


  • The Opinions expressed in the programs are that of the individuals and not necessarily of Shaivam.org.

                                                                       Schedule is in India Standard Time (IST)

Time(IST)ProgramDuration (in minutes)
00:08Hindi Stotra Discourse26
00:34Hindi Upanisad Discourse26
01:00Sama Vedam38
01:38English Veda Discourse25
02:03English Six Veda Darshana Discourse24
02:27English Upanishad Discourse21
02:49English Purana Discourse21
03:10English Stotra Discourse32
03:42English General Discourse31
04:13Atharva Vedam28
04:45Special Today15
05:00Shiva Kirthanas20
05:20Stotra Music20
05:40Shiva Bhajan17
05:57Sri Rudram14
06:11Thirumurai Music7
06:17Veda Patha11
06:56Stotra Music6
07:02Shiva Kirthana13
07:15Shiva Bhajan2
07:17Stotra Parayanam14
07:31Telugu Rudram Discourse29
08:00Telugu Discourse23
08:23Rig Vedam37
09:00Kannada Discourse27
09:27Krishna Yajur Vedam27
09:54Malayalam Discourse25
10:19Malayalam Upanishad Discourse26
10:45Shukla Yajur Vedam22
11:07Hindi Nayanmar Discourse5
11:11Hindi Shivananda Lahari Discourse30
11:40Hindi Shiva Mahimna Stotram Discourse28
12:08Hindi Stotra Discourse26
12:34Hindi Upanishad Discourse26
13:00Sama Vedam38
13:38English Vedam Discourse25
14:03English Six Veda Darshana Discourse24
14:27English Upanishad Discourse22
14:49English Purana Discourse19
15:10English Stotra Discourse32
15:42Englsih General Discourse31
16:13Atharva Vedam32
16:45Special Today15
17:00Shiva Kirthana20
17:20Stotra Music20
17:40Shiva Bhajan17
17:57Sri Rudram14
18:11Thirumurai Music7
18:17Veda Patha11
18:56Stotra Music6
19:02Shiva Kirthana10
19:12Shiva Bhajan5
19:17Stotra Parayanam14
19:31Telugu Rudram Discourse29
20:00Telugu Discourse23
20:23Rig Vedam37
21:00Kannada Discourse27
21:27Krishna Yajur Vedam27
21:54Malayalam Discourse25
22:19Malayalam Upanishad Discourse26
22:45Shukla Yajur Vedam22
23:07Hindi Nayanmar Discourse5
23:11Hindi Shivanandalahari Discourse29
23:40Hindi Shiva Mahimna Stotram Discourse28

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