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The Great Women of Shaivism

There have been very many great women who stood splendid in the Shaivism. Starting from the mother of the Universe Goddess shakthi who showed to the entire world the real essence of devotion in the Agamic worship told by the Lord, who stands inseparable in the left part of the Lord from her is the big list of saints, yoginis and devotees who stood as beacon for others to follow. It was kAraikkAl ammaiyAr who sang the first thirup padhikam which is hence called mUththa thiruppadhikam and the saints and devotees followed this with great reverence to this saint. These women are wonderable in many perspectives. Some of them led a saintly life dedicating their lives like the male saints completely in the spiritual pursuit. The others leading the family life steered through as well as supported the spreading of spiritual enlightening.

They as a mother, sister, wife inspired and nurtured the male too to get disciplined in the Lord's holy way. It was often the families as a whole involved in the great paths of devotion and spirituality. When it is said that thirun^IlakaNda n^AyanAr(1) was very strong in his determination as much was his wife. The devotional excellence of this n^AyanAr points to that of his wife too. In fact this could be felt in the lives of many other n^AyanmArs(2) too. Here a glimpse of the brilliance of a few of those great women are given. Let the Lord who stands as male, female and beyond sex bless the way !

1. Thirunilakanta nayanar
2. NayanmAr

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