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Untiring Effort of God!

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Thiruvarutpayan (திருவருட்பயன்) 


பதிமுது நிலை

உன்னுமுள தையம் இலதுணர்வாய் ஓவாது
மன்னுபவம் தீர்க்கும் மருந்து.   10

Song as Romanized text


pathimuthu nilai

unnumuLa thaiyam ilathuNarvAy OvAthu
mannupavam thIrkkum marun-thu.   10

unnum uLathu; aiyam ilathu; uNarvAy OvAthu
mannu bavam thIrkkum marun-thu.   10

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 It exists to be thought of;
Its intelligence has no room for doubt;
Staying in the feeling, incessantly,
the Medicine that cures the continuing "beginning".


1.  unnum uLathu
While God is the Supreme that transcends the 
limits of intelligence of the souls, it is not
an fiction. It is there to be thought about and
felt by the seeker.

2.  aiyam ilathu
The intelligence of God, unlike that of the soul,
is pure and complete. Hence it has no room for

3.  OvAthu 
God is working incessantly to uplift us - the souls.
c.f. ஓய்விலாதன - திருவாசகம்

4.  bavam
bavam is the beginning. 
We go through the cycles of begin-end
physically, mentally etc. Putting an end to these begins
is the liberation where one gets stationed in the Bliss
of Lord Shiva, without any need or wish to begin again anything!

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