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This Elixir of Tamil will Fulfil Our Life!

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Gyanasambandhar Thevaram

Third Thirumurai


திருஞானசம்பந்தர் அருளிய தேவாரம்
பண்    காந்தார பஞ்சமம்
தலம்    அம்பர்ப் பெருந்திருக்கோயில்


அழகரை அடிகளை அம்பர் மேவிய
நிழல்திகழ் சடைமுடி நீலகண்டரை
உமிழ்திரை உலகினில் ஓதுவீர் கொள்மின்
தமிழ்கெழு விரகினன் தமிழ்செய் மாலையே


Song as Romanized text


thirujAnasambanthar aruLiya thEvAram
paN    gAnthAra panchamam
thalam    ambarp perunthirukkOyil


azhakarai aDikaLai ambar mEviya
n-izhalthikazh saDaimuDi n-IlakaNTarai
umizhthirai ulakinil OthuvIr koLmin
thamizhkezhu viraginan thamizhsey mAlaiyE


Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 Oh those, who chant in this world surrounded by the bubbling sea
the Beautiful, the Reverend, the Neelakanta of cool braided hair, 
accept this (song) garland made of elixir (sung) by the one of 
excellent dexterity in Tamil (Sambandhar).


1. aDikaL - reverend; n-izhal - brilliance / coolness / shadow,
umizh - bubbling; kezhu - excellence; viragu - dexterity. thamizh - elixir.

2.  நிழல்திகழ் சடைமுடி 
a) nizal means the brilliance. It would refer to the glowing braided hair of the Lord.
b) nizal means the coolness. It refers to the coolness of the Lord's braided hair
with the ganga and moon wandering in it.
c) nizal means the shade or shelter. It is indeed the braided hair of Lord Shiva
that has been the refuge for all those who without anyone else to rescue surrender to Him.
For example, the snakes threatened for extinction by garuda, moon threatened to be
destroyed by the curse of daksha, ganga for which bhagiratha was extremely desperate.
Very naturally, the devotees invoke the braided hair of the Lord when they are in extreme grief!
c.f. சடையாய் எனுமால், 
   சடையவனே தளர்ந்தேன் எம்பிரான் என்னைத் தாங்கிக்கொள்ளே

3.  தமிழ்கெழு விரகினன் தமிழ்செய் மாலையே 
thamiz refers to both the name of the language as well as being elixir (nectar) like.
The excellent dexterous Tamil of Thirugyanasamabandhar is the elixir we need to fulfil the life!

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