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There is only One, Who can liberate and give Bliss! Prayer from Atmarpanastuti of Appayya Dikshitar

Prayer from Atmarpanastuti of Appayya Dikshitar

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Prayer in Sanskrit 


भक्ताग्र्याणां कथमपि परैर्यॊऽचिकित्स्याममर्त्यै:
    संसाराख्यां शमयति रुजं स्वात्मबॊधौषधॆन ।
तं सर्वाधीश्वर भवमहादीर्घतीव्रामयॆन
    क्लिष्टॊऽहं त्वां वरद शरणं यामि सम्सारवैध्यम् ॥ १८ ॥

Shloka as Romanized text


bhaktAgryANAM kathamapi parairyO&chikitsyAmamartyai:
    saMsArAkhyAM shamayati rujaM svAtmabOdhauShadhEna |
taM sarvAdhIshvara bhavamahAdIrghatIvrAmayEna
    kliShTO&haM tvAM varada sharaNaM yAmi samsAravaidhyam || 18 ||

(bhakta agryANAM katham api parair yO achikitsyAm amartyai:
    saMsArAkhyAM shamayati rujaM sva AtmabOdha auShadhEna |
taM sarvAdhIshvara bhava mahAdIrgha tIvrAmayEna
    kliShTO ahaM tvAM varada sharaNaM yAmi samsAravaidhyam ||  )

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 With the medicine of knowledge of the Self, One, 
Who clears off the disease of wanderings in the world
for the highly mature devotees,
which cannot be cured by any other divines,
I, tormented by the great chronic intensity of worldly life,
take refuge in You - that Master of everything 
- Conferer of wishes - the Healer of the samsara!


1. agra - foremost; achiktsya - incurable; amartya - immortals;
shamayati - clears; rujaM - disease; kliShTa - tormented.
2. achikitsyAm amartyai:
While the various divines can give varied kind of boons,
they cannot liberate the soul from the bondage
- i.e. give Moksha. Only Lord Shiva Who stays ever unaffected
by the bondage is the only One who can liberate. 
Interestingly that Lord is varada - granter of all boons too.
So Lord Shiva provides to the seeker both the boons of the
world as well as provides the Ultimate liberation Bliss when the
soul matures! This is the Lord to seek!
3. c.f. जननमृत्युतानां सॆवया दॆवतानां
    न भवति सुखलॆशः संशयॊ नास्ति तत्र ।
अजनिं अमृतरूपं साम्बमीशं भजन्तॆ
    य इह परमसौख्यं तॆ हि धन्या लभन्तॆ ॥
               - शिवानन्दलहरी

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