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The Power of Various Divines

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Prayer from Manivasagar Thiruvasagam 


மாணிக்கவாசகர் அருளிய திருவாசகம்
எட்டாம் திருமுறை 


சாவ முன்னாள் தக்கன் வேள்வித் தகர் தின்று நஞ்சம் அஞ்சி
ஆவ எந்தாய் என்று அவிதாவிடும் நம்மவர் அவரே
மூவரென்றே எம்பிரானோடும் எண்ணி விண்ணாண்டு மண்மேல்
தேவரென்றே இறுமாந்து என்ன பாவம் திரிதவரே.


Song as Romanized text


Manikkavasagar Thiruvasagam
Eighth Thirumurai


sAva munnAL thakkan vELvith thakar thinRu n-anjcham anjchi 
Ava en-thAy enRu avithAvidum n-ammavar avarE
mUvarenRE empirAnOdum eNNi viNNANdu maNmEl
thEvarenRE iRumAn-thu enna pAvam thirithavarE.


Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 To die they ate the meat at the havan of Daksha once;
They screamed. "Oh! oh! Our mother like Lord!" fearing the poison;
They are our own folks;
They think along with our Lord they are the trinity ruling the universe;
On the earth they wander haughtily as the divines;
What a pity!


1. thakar - goat meat.

2. In this hymn Manikkavasagar very clearly instructs us all
"Do not consider anyone else on the same pedestal as Lord Shiva!"
This is very much in line with the Vedic Instruction.

3.  sAva .. thinRu 
The divines went and ate the meat at the havan of Daksha
to be ultimately beaten up to death by Virabhadra.
What a stupid act not realizing the Supreme God!

4.  n-ammavar avarE 
They are after all our own folks!
The thousands of divines get all the prayers of the
people and haughtily come around. 
But where they able to defend themselves when Virabhadra
beat them up? Why did they have to run for refuge
to Lord Shiva when the poison rose up?
They are very much like us - Be the divines or the humans
all are souls or pashus. Only Lord Shiva is the God - pashupati.
The divines are elevated souls due to their tapas. That is all.

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