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Strategy for Bliss - Prayer from Thayumanvar Songs

Prayer of the Day

Prayer song in Tamil


அன்பர் பணி செய்ய எனை ஆளாக்கி விட்டுவிட்டால்
இன்ப நிலை தானே வந்து எய்தும் பராபரமே.

Padal as Romanized text


anbar paNi seyya enai ALAkki viTTuviTTAl
inba n-ilai thAnE van-thu eythum parAparamE.

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

If I am raised to be the servant of those in (Divine) love,
the state of Bliss will automatically come, oh Supreme!


1. This is the best strategy to get to the state of Bliss.
Getting rid of the bondage on our own helps only to
certain extent and beyond that further effort actually is 
equivalent of digging to get out of quagmire - it only adds to the woe. 
(This is where the philosophies of Jainism and the like 
focussing on the self effort to reach liberation fail!)
However losing ourselves in the service of God and devotees
is the best option. 

We could recollect that the nayanmars stood by the selfless service.

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