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Shaivism is the Religion That Shows the Supreme Beyond Conception Simply as Nataraja! - Prayer from Thayumanvar Songs

Prayer of the Day

Prayer song in Tamil


சைவ சமயமே சமயம் 
    சமயாதீதப் பழம்பொருளைக்
கைவந்திடவே மன்றுள் வெளி
    காட்டும்; இந்தக் கருத்தை விட்டுப்
பொய் வந்துழலும் சமயநெறி
    புகுத வேண்டாம்; முத்தி தரும்
தெய்வ சபையைக் காண்பதற்குச்
    சேர வாரும் ஜகத்தீரே!


Shloka as Romanized text


saiva samayamE samayam;
    samayAthIthap pazamporuLaik
kaivan-thiDavE manRuL veLi
    kATTum;in-thak karuththai viTTup
poy van-thuzalum samayan-eRi
    pukutha vENDAm; muththi tharum
dheyva sabaiyaik kANpathaRkuc
    sEra vArum jagaththIrE!


Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 Shaiva religion is the religion;
It exhibits the Primordial Being That is beyond the religions
as an achievable One in the Chit Ambara;
Never get into any other religious paths of falsehood
ignoring this concept;
Oh the people of the world! Congregate to see the
Divine hall that gives liberation!


1. There are many human made religions that were conceived in the
limitations of human conception; There are many that are can't see
beyond a book. These would take people nowhere.

Shaivism recognizes the quality of the God to be beyond limitations 
of any religion. At the same time it does not keep God away in such abstract level.
It shows the Lord as the One Blissfully dancing at the Chitambaram!

Oh the world! come! see! Rejoice the Dance of the Lord Shiva! Here you get the liberation!

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