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Seeking Favour of God

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Prayer from Rig Veda

यास्ते॑ प्र॒जा अ॒मृत॑स्य॒ पर॑स्मि॒न्धाम॑न्नृ॒तस्य॑ ।
मू॒र्धा नाभा॑ सोम वेन आ॒भूष॑न्ति सोम वेदः ॥

Mantra as Romanized text


yAste prajA amRutasya parasmindhAmannRutasya |
mUrdhA nAbhA soma vena AbhUShanti soma vedaH ||

( yAH te prajA amRutasya parasmin dhAman Rutasya |
mUrdhA nAbhA soma venaH AbhUshanti soma vedaH || )


Meaning of the Prayer Mantra:

Oh the Gracious, Who is worshipped at the Supreme Abode,
those of Your subjects, who eagerly participate and ornate
in this paramount worship, oh Gracious discern them!


1. mUrdhA nAbhA
Yagna that is like the head - paramount worship
2. While God provides equal opportunity to every soul,
those who utilize the opportunity and eagerly seek the God
are blessed more as they enhance their receiving capability
for the Grace.
c.f sArndhavarkku allAl nalamilan - Appar thevaram
3. soma vedaH
While God as omniscient realizes everyone / everything, 
attention is sought in this prayer to those who eagerly
c.f. Take note of me - Appar thevaram

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