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Oh God, Bestow on us the riches our brilliant ancestors got from You!

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Prayer from Rig Veda

मृ॒ळा नो॑ रुद्रो॒त नो॒ मय॑स्कृधि क्ष॒यद्वी॑राय॒ नम॑सा विधेम ते ।
यच्छं च॒ योश्च॒ मनु॑राये॒जे पि॒ता तद॑श्याम॒ तव॑ रुद्र॒ प्रणी॑तिषु ॥ १-११-२ ॥

Mantra as Romanized text


mRuLA no rudrota no mayaskRudhi kShayadvIrAya namasA vidhema te |
yacChaM cha yoshcha manurAyeje pitA tadashyAma tava rudra praNItiShu || 1-11-2 ||

(mRuLaH naH rudra uta naH mayaH kRudhi kShayadvIrAya namasA vidhema te |
yat sham cha yoH cha manuH Ayeje pitA tad ashyAma tava rudra praNItiShu ||)


Meaning of the Prayer Mantra:

 Oh Rudra! Give happiness! Further make us delighted! 
Oh the One with valiant soldiers, we salute, worship You!
Oh Father, let us be bestowed with the riches and fearlessness
that the ancestors obtained from You, oh Rudra!


1. manur Ayeje  - Got by forefathers
Our ancestors, great sages and saints have got courage
and bliss from the Lord. We walk inspired by them in that
path. Oh Lord, bestow on us those wealth!
2. tava rudra praNItiShu 
God is the One Who gave us the riches - 
tanu, karaNa, bhuvana, bhOga (body, instruments,
worlds and enjoyments) in the pathway to
obtain the supreme Bliss.

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