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How to interpret the Vedas?

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Thirumular Thirumandhiram 


திருமூலர் அருளிய திருமந்திரம்
முதல் தந்திரம்
வேதச் சிறப்பு


இருக்கு உருவாகிய எழில் வேதத்தினுள்ளே
உருக்கு உணர்வாய் உணர் வேதத்துள் ஓங்கி
வெருக்குருவாகிய வேதியர் சொல்லும்
கருக்கு உருவாய் நின்ற கண்ணனுமாமே.


Song as Romanized text

thirumUlar aruLiya thiruman-thiram
muthal than-thiram
vEthas siRappu


irukku uruvAkiya ezil vEthaththinuLLE
urukku uNarvAy uNar vEthaththuL Ongki
verukkuruvAkiya vEthiyar sollum
karukku uruvAy n-inRa kaNNanumAmE.


Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 The beautiful vedas are in the form of Rig.
It is the Three-eyed Lord, Who is outstanding
in the veda (knowledge) that is discerned from that Rig. 
He is the Form of the essence of the vedas that Brahmans chant loud and clear.


1.  இருக்கு உருவாகிய எழில் வேதத்தினுள்ளே 
While there are four vedas - Rig, Yajus, Sama and Atharvana -
it is the Rig veda mantras that take various forms in the other
vedas and hence that is the essential veda.

2.  உரு(வு)க்கு உணர்வாய் உணர் வேதத்துள் ஓங்கி 
While the Vedas chanted are the verbal forms, 
there is an inner significance of the mantras. 
When that inner significance is realized one finds Lord Shiva
in the mantras. (Otherwise one gets to superficially think that
the various mantras are for the various deities.)

3.  வெருக்கு உருவாகிய வேதியர் சொல்லும் 
The veda mantras have well defined svaras. They have to be 
clearly chanted with the specified svaras. 

4.  வேதியர் சொல்லும் கரு(வு)க்கு உருவாய் 
The essence of Vedas if seen as a form it is Lord Shiva.

5.  கண்ணனுமாமே 
One gets addressed with what is special in that person.
Lord Shiva, whose speciality is the Third-eye, gets 
addressed here as the Kannan.

6. In summary, while the literal mantras in vedas seem to
talk of various divines, the underlying meaning the realized see
is Lord Shiva only. Also, as a whole as well, the essence of the
Vedas is the Three-eyed Lord only.

c.f. Why does the Supreme God given vedas praise the devas ?

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