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Grace is Like the Sun

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Thiruvarutpayan (திருவருட்பயன்) 


அருளது நிலை

பெருக்க நுகர்வினை பேரொளியாய் எங்கும்
அருக்கன் என நிற்கும் அருள்.   32

Song as Romanized text

aruLathu n-ilai

perukka n-ukarvinai pEroLiyAy eN-gum
arukkan ena n-iRkum aruL.    32

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 Like the sun stands for the world to act abundantly and enjoy (the results),
Grace too stands as magnificent light everywhere!


1. arukkan - sun.

2. It may sound strange - Should the Grace help in reducing the
karma or increasing the karma? This song seem to suggest increasing!

Without the Grace (that caused the universe), the souls 
had not capacity to act and were fully under the veil of darkness.
The Grace enabled them to act by providing them - 
body, instruments, worlds and enjoyments.
Only due to the omnipresent Grace even still under the veil
of darkness, we are able to act our will and enjoy the benefits.

Of course, as we mature in the love for God,
we do not need the enjoyments of the world, but look only
for the Bliss from God. At that stage - the karma diminish.

Grace does not make us indulge in action. We indulge in action
because of our likes and dislikes. Grace - like the sun,
only enables us to act as well as mature in the process and seek God!

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