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Emergence of Shiva in the Form Recognizable

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Thiruvarutpayan (திருவருட்பயன்) 


அருளுரு நிலை

அறியாமை உள் நின்றளித்ததே காணும் 
குறியாக நீங்காத கோ  41

Song as Romanized text

aruLuru n-ilai

aRiyAmai uL n-inRaLiththathE kANum
kuRiyAka n-IN-gAtha kO.  41

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 The Lord, Who never leaves, 
Who has been blessing from inside without getting noticed,
appears as the symbol outside!


1. So far the nature of God, souls, veil of darkness and
grace has been described in the previous four decades of
Thiruvarutpayan. This decade is about the form the Grace takes
as the soul matures tp pick up Divine guidance.

2. At this stage the Grace takes a form recognizable by the soul.
The form may be external or new, but this Form that comes
 to uplift the individual is indeed the very same Divine Grace
that has been guiding from inside all along - The Lord Shiva,
Who never ditches the soul.

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