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Eight Characters of Devotees

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Thirunavukkarasar Thevaram


திருநாவுக்கரசர் அருளிய தேவாரம் 
தலம்    :    பொது (மறுமாற்றத் திருத்தாண்டகம்)
ஆறாம் திருமுறை 


நாவார நம்பனையே பாடப்பெற்றோம்
    நாணற்றார் நள்ளாமே விள்ளப்பெற்றோம்
ஆவாவென்று எமையாள்வான் அமரர் நாதன்
    அயனொடு மாற்கு அறிவரிய அனலாய் நீண்ட
தேவாதி தேவன் சிவனென் சிந்தை
    சேர்ந்திருந்தான் தென்திசைக்கோன் தானே வந்து
கோவாடிக் குற்றேவல் செய்கென்றாலும்
    குணமாகக் கொள்ளோம் எண்குணத்துளோமே.


Song as Romanized text


Thirunavukkarasar Thevaram
Thalam    :    pothu (Marumarrath Thiruthandakam)
Sixth Thirumurai


n-AvAra n-ampanaiyE pAdappeRROm
    n-ANaRRAr n-aLLAmE viLLappeRROm
AvAvenRu emaiyALvAn amarar n-Athan
    ayanodu mARku aRivariya analAy n-INda
thEvAthi thEvan sivanen sin-thai
    sErn-thirun-thAn thenthisaikkOn thAnE van-thu
kOvAdik kuRREval seykenRAlum
    guNamAkak koLLOm eNguNaththuLOmE.


Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 We got to sing our beloved Lord as much as the tongue can;
We got cut off from the company of the shameless;
Shiva, Who rules us out of mercy, the Lord of immortals,
the Devadeva, Who extended as the fire beyond 
the knowledge of Brahma and Vishnu,
resided in my conscience. 
Even if the king of the south himself comes
proclaim his sovereignty and asks for a petty work to be done,
we, who are immersed in eight characters, 
would not accept that as appropriate!


1. AvA - gesture of mercy.

2. n-ANaRRAr
Shameless - This refers to Jains, as they wander
without clothes. 

3. thenthisaikkOn thAnE van-thu
One sample that our saint Appar is the emperor of the words!
Pallava emperor Mahendra varma was ruling the entire
southern part of the deccan. He sent his soldiers to
get the saint to the court. Here is the reply from the solitary saint,
"Even if the emperor of the south himself comes and 
asks for a petty thing to be done, we are not bound to do!"
The song also has the tone - then thisaik kOn - Yama.
So even if the yama commands, we have no need to listen!
A strong message indeed to the emperor.
Only the most valiant at heart can say this!

4. eNguNaththuLOmE.
We are immersed in the eight characters.
Note that these eight characters are not the 
eight characters of Lord Shiva. 
However these are the eight characters of the devotee.
For more - எல்லை இலாதன எண்குணமானவை


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