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Do Not Misinterpret Vedas With a Narrow Vision

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Thirumandiram sung by Thirumoolar


திருமூலர் அருளிய திருமந்திரம்
பத்தாம் திருமுறை
வேதச் சிறப்பு


ஆறங்கமாய் வரு மாமறை ஓதியைக்
கூறங்கமாகக் குணம் பயில்வாரில்லை
வேறங்கமாக விளைவு செய்தப்புறம்
பேறங்கமாகப் பெருக்குகின்றாரே


Song as Romanized text

Thirumular Aruliya Thirumanthiram
Tenth Thirumurai
Vedha Sirappu


ARa~gkamAy varu mAmaRai Othiyaik
kURa~gkamAkak guNam payilvArillai
vERa~gkamAka viLaivu ceythappuRam
pERa~gkamAkap perukkukinRArE


Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 There is nobody, who explores the vivid aspects
of the Lord, Who tells the great Vedas that has six limbs!
Misinterpreting the parts, they make the fruit of the Vedas fractional. 
(instead of getting the wholesome).


1. The Vedas hail the various aspects of the God Shiva.
One should explore and rejoice the vivid nature of the God.
However, people lose the overall concept, misinterpret the parts
and seek fractional benefits leaving out the holistic Bliss from Lord Shiva 
that the Vedas will provide.

2. In the first song in this chapter Thirumular already made it clear that
just by practicing Vedas, one achieves Moksha. 
The Vedas hail the various aspect of the Supreme Shiva.
By meditating on them, one should rejoice the aspects of God
everywhere and get into the Bliss. 

However, those who misinterpret the Vedas, lose sight of this holistic
concept and associate the mantras to specific devas and focus only on the
limited benefits of the mantras. They lose sight of the holistic meal
and starve with the individual grains.

One should hail Lord Shiva as the essence of the Vedas and celebrate the 
Bliss exploring his various aspects everywhere always!

3. c.f. a. காதலாகிக் கசிந்து கண்ணீர் மல்கி 
ஓதுவார் தமை நன்னெறிக்கு உய்ப்பது
வேதம் நான்கினும் மெய்ப்பொருளாவது
நாதன் நாமம் நமச்சிவாயவே.

b. In the complete ஆதிபுராணம் - திருக்குறுந்தொகை
Thirunavukkarasar emphasizes very strongly the need for this perspective.

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