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All the Salutations Rest at Lord Shiva! Prayer from Shruti Sukti Mala of Haradattacharya

Prayer of the Day

Prayer in Sanskrit 


दत्तन्नमः किमपिशुश्रुम दॆवताभ्यः
    त्वामन्तरॆण नमसामवसानभूमिम् ।
तास्तद्ग्रहीतुमनलन्न हि कश्चिदीष्टॆ
    चॊरॊपनीतमिव धारयितुं किरीटम् ॥ १६ ॥
Shloka as Romanized text


dattannamaH kimapishushruma dEvatAbhyaH
    tvAmantarENa namasAmavasAnabhUmim |
tAstadgrahItumanalanna hi kashchidIShTE
    chOrOpanItamiva dhArayituM kirITam || 16 ||
( dattam namaH kim api shushruma dEvatAbhyaH
    tvAm antarENa namasAm avasAna bhUmim |
tAH tat grahItum analam na hi kashchid IShTE
    chOra upanItam iva dhArayituM kirITam || )

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 Whatever salutations we have heard given for the divines,
that all ultimately reaches (rests) in You!
They are not fit to hold those salutations (to themselves).
Nobody will like to wear the stolen crown!


1. shushruma - hear; avasAna - resting place; analam - incapable;
na IShTE - incapable; upanItam - brought.

2. As the Kena upanishad clearly establishes,
God energizes everyone including the divines to do even a simple action.
There is absolutely nothing that we can take credit of, when we realize this.
So, all the salutations are fit only for God, our beloved Shiva.
When we or any divine mistakes the salutations to themselves,
it is comical, like the scene of a king who wears a stolen crown.

See Also:1. ஹரதத்த சிவாச்சாரியார்

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