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Use Pure Vibhuthi


Campaign intended to create awareness on significance, preparation and producers of Real and Original Vibhuti / Holy ash / Thiruneeru

Vibhuti prepared from Indian breed cows through Viraja Homam


Our religion and patterns of worship have been undergoing a huge churn in-line with influx of technology and changing lifestyles. In this process, some core features which characterised the worship are rapidly disappearing. While the number of believers and amounts of money finding their way into religion seems to be increasing, the core features remain under-nourished and is a cause for serious concern - hence demanding our urgent attention.

That is the reason for our campaigns where we can leverage on the collective power and prayer. We start with Vibhuti - the foremost of saivate symbols and widely used. While the sanctity of the Vibhuti is well known and needs no further explanation, the critical question we need to ask ourselves is, whether we are using true Vibhuti. This campaign is a result of our search for the answers for this basic question.

Lastly, not just with making of Vibhuti, the traditional practices - in practically every field - ranging from performing arts to handlooms to religion, have been under severe stress and are under the threat of being lost forever. Our Indian way of propagating an art - transferring it from one generation to another as a household practice, has largely got dissipated contributing to the current sorry state of affairs.

That is where we have to pitch in with what we can do to keep it alive and pass the treasure to the next generation.

The materials in this online campaign will continue to be updated in coming days and weeks as and when we get more inputs from the field - on people who continue to nourish and sustain this hoary tradition.

How you can support this campaign
- Use pure vibhuti for self and family
- If you are associated with a temple or part of organizing religious events, please advocate and pursue the cause for using pure vibhuti 
- Spread this campaign word to those who would be interested
- Lastly, recognize the importance of our Indian breed cows. If you want to donate a cow anytime, please make sure that you donate an Indian breed cow

We would like to know what you feel about this campaign. Please pen an email to [email protected] indicating Vibhuti in the subject line.

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