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About Shaivam.org

The word Shaivam refers to "association with shiva". Also known as Shaivism. 

Shaivam.org is dedicated to the worship of lord Shiva - the God. It is meant to be a tool for understanding and practicing the way to Bliss. 

The spirit of this site is in the Vedas, Shivagamas and Thirumurais.  

With the motto "Name of Hara Encompass ! World be Free from Suffering !!" taken from the glorious statement of Thirugyanasambandhar "aran namame suzhka; vaiyakamum thuyar thirkave", site is intended to be a tool in the hands of those who would like to practice the way to Bliss.

Online since 1996. 

The website has evolved over a period of time to become a platform that includes 3 24x7 Radio stations, Live video streaming of spiritual music, discourses, Mobile App, on-the-ground campaigns apart from the website.

This site is not developed to be the ultimate one, but it is intended to be a good starting point in the journey towards the Supreme Lord Shiva.

1. Vedas
2. Agamas

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