Hindu baby girl names - Sanskrit Girls Names of Hindu Goddess Shakthi

Names of the mother Goddess shakthi are the best names the girl child could have. The Sanskrit names of the Goddess are listed here in alphabeticla order.

There is a similar Tamil girl baby name list of Goddess devi as well.


Sanskrit girl names starting with "A"

Sl. No. Name Meaning
1. abhirAmi -
2. abhyasati shayagyata known only through the strenuous practice of spiritual disciplines
3. abrahmakita janani The generator of all from Brahma down to a worm
4. adhbhuta charitra Whose ways are marvellous
5. adishakti the Adishakti or Primordial Power, which creates every thing and pervades every thing
6. adrushya not an object of ordinary vision
7. agraganya to be recknoned as the First in every-thing
8. agya divine commandments
9. agya chakrantaralstha next abides in the center of the Agya – chakra
10. agya charkabja nilaya The Mother who resides in the agya chakra (which is described as a lotus with two petals)
11. ajaya For whom there is no birth
12. akhilANDa nAyaki -
13. akilANDeshvari -
14. akileshvari -
15. akula also the Akula (Siva) in the thousand-petalled lotus above the Kula Path
16. amabalgopa vidita can be understood by all, even by a child or a cowherd
17. amatir Amiti (Buddhi or knowledge)
18. amba Amba, the mother of all
19. ambika Ambika, the Mother of the Universe, possessing the powers known as Ichha (will), Janana (cognition) and Kriya (action)
20. ameya Whose greatness is immeasurable
21. amRitanAyaki -
22. amRitavalli -
23. amruta karavalli -
24. amrutadi mahashakti samvruta surrounded by sixteen Saktis beginning with Amruta
25. amurta formless also
26. anagha sinless
27. anaha tabjanilaya in the form of the Yogini called Rakini abiding in the Anahata Chakra
28. anakalita sadrushya chubukashri virajita Her chin is peerless in beauty
29. anandakalika the bud of Divine Bliss
30. AnandanAyaki -
31. anandi-nidhana exists without a beginning or an end
32. anarghya kaivalyapada dayini confers the priceless state of ultimate bliss and freedom
33. anavadyangi faultless in every limb
34. anchanaakshi -
35. anekakoti brahmanda janani has given brith to several crores of world systems
36. anityatrupta satisfied even with our perishable offerings
37. ankushadi praharana armed with a goad and other weapons
38. annada supplies food to all
39. antarmukha samaradhya Whose worship is easy for those whose, mental gaze is turned inward
40. anugrahada by Her greacious blessing starts the universe again on the path of evolution from the involved state
41. anuttama has none superior
42. aparna Aparna – the one who did not take even a leaf while performing austerities
43. aprameya the Infinite that is immeasurable
44. arunaruna kausumbha vastrabhasvath katitati wears a garment of deep red round Her hip
45. ashtami chandra vibhraja dalikasthala shobhita Whose forehead shines, arching like the crescent moon of the eighth lunar digit (Ashtami)
46. ashtamurti has an eightfold form
47. ashvarudha dhishtihitashva kotikoti bhiravruta surrounded by a cavalry of several crores of horses under the command of Ashvarudha
48. atma the Self in all
49. atmavidya Atma – vidya, the doctrine of the Self
50. avyaja karunamurti unconditional grace
51. ayoni has no source other than Herself
52. ayyai referred to as Ayi (dear one)

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "B"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    53. bahirmukha sudurlabha Whose worship difficult for those whose mental gaze goes outwards
    54. bahurupa has taken the form of the many
    55. bainda vasana seated in the Bindu, the central dot in the Shri-chakra
    56. bala eternally young
    57. bAla sundari -
    58. bAlambika -
    59. balipriya loves the offerings of devotees
    60. bandha mochani liberates the Jiva from the bondage of Samsara
    61. bandhuka kusumaprakhya has the tender grace of Bandhuka blossoms
    62. bandinyadi samanvita surrounded by Bandhini and other five Saktis
    63. barbaralaka wavy – haired
    64. bhadasainya vadhodyukta shaktivikrama harshita rejoices at the valour of Her Saktis bent on destroying the army of Bhanda
    65. bhadasura vadhodyukta shaktisena samanvita Whose command an army of Saktis are intent on destroying Bhadasura (the Asura being Ignorance, Lalitambika, the Atman, and the Saktis, the potencies of the Atman)
    66. bhadramurtih the embodiment of auspiciousness
    67. bhadrapriya fond of everything auspicious
    68. bhagamalini Bhaga-malini excellences (lordliness, righteousness, glory, beauty, omniscience and detachment)
    69. bhagaradhya worshipped in the orbit of the Sun
    70. bhagavati the Bhagavati or the supreme goddess
    71. bhagyabdhi chandrika the full moon that sets up the tides of good fortune
    72. bhakta chitta keki ghana ghana heavily water – laden cloud that makes the hearts of devotees dance like peacocks
    73. bhakta manasa hamsika the swan sporting in the Manasa lake of Her devotees’ minds
    74. bhakta saubhagya dayini grants all-round advancement to devotees, both in the spiritual and the material fields
    75. bhaktaharda tamobheda bhanumadh bhanusantatih dispels the darkness of ignorance in the minds of devotees as the sun’s rays dispel the darkness of the world
    76. bhaktanidhih a treasure to Her devotees
    77. bhakti matkalpalatika verily a Kalpa Taru, the wish-yielding tree of Heaven that grants all the prayers of devotees
    78. bhaktigamya attained through true devotion
    79. bhaktipriya fond of true devotion
    80. bhaktivashya can be won over through true devotion
    81. bhalasthendra dwells as the Bindu in the syllable Harim meditated in the forehead
    82. bhandaputra vadhodyukta balavikrama nandita overjoyed to see Her daughter Bala intent on slaying the son of Bhanda
    83. bhandasurendra nirmukta shastra pratyastra varshini counters by Her own missiles the rain of missiles directed against Her by Bhadnasura
    84. bhanumandala madhyastha meditated upon as stationed in the centre of the solar orbd
    85. bhariavi Bhariavi, the terror – generating Deity
    86. bhasharupa in the form of language
    87. bhava dava sudha vrushtih the rain of nectar that puts out the wild fire of Samsara
    88. bhavabhava vivarjita beyong being and non–being
    89. bhavachakra pravartini has also set in motion the wheel of recurring transmigratory existence
    90. bhavagya knows all thoughts and sentiments
    91. bhavanagamya realized through devoted meditation
    92. bhavanashini frees devotees from involvement in the cycle of births and deaths
    93. bhavani Bhavani, the consort of Bhava (Shiva)
    94. bhavaranya kutharika verily like an axe for clearing the jungle of Samsara (transmigratory existence) in which the Jiva is caught
    95. bhavarogaghni can cure the disease of recurring transmigratory existence
    96. bhayapaha dispels all fear
    97. bhedanashini destroys the sense of differences
    98. bhogini ever full of bliss
    99. bhRihannAyaki -
    100. bhumarupa Infinite by nature
    101. bhuvananAyaki -
    102. bhuvaneshvari Bhuvaneshvari the sovereign of the universe
    103. bindumandala vasini dwells in the Brahmarandhra of the individual
    104. bindutarpana santushta pleased with libations offered to the Bindu (the central dot in the Shri chakra)
    105. bisatantu taniyasi as fine and firm as the fibre of a lutus stalk
    106. brahmavidyAnAyaki -
    107. brahmagrandhi vibhedini in Her ascent from the Muladhara breaks through the Brahma-grandhi (the Barrier of Brahma to the subtle dimension)
    108. brahmananda the bliss of Brahman
    109. brahmane Herself Brahma
    110. brahmani the Shakti of Brahma the Creator
    111. brahmani the wisdom of the Eternal
    112. brahmarupa has taken the form of Brahma for creation
    113. brahmatmaikya svarupini the symbol of the oneness of Brahman and the Atman
    114. brahmi belongs to the Eternal
    115. brahmopendra mahendradi devasamstuta vaibhava Whose manifold powers (displayed in the fight with Bhanda) are praised by Brahma, Vishnu and Indra
    116. bramarAmbika -
    117. bruhati the Immense
    118. bruhatsena leads a mighty army
    119. budharchita worshipped by the wise

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "C"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    120. chaitanya kusumapriya loves the flower offerings of the spirit
    121. chaitanyarghya samaradhya best worshipped with the offereings of the spirit as Arghya
    122. chakraraja niketana has Her abode in Chakra – raja or Shri chakra
    123. chakraraja ratharudha sarvayudha parishkruta Seated in Her chariot Chakra raja equipped with armaments of every kind
    124. champakashoka punnaga saugandhika lasat kacha Whose shining locks of hair impart their fragrance to flowers like Chamka, Ashoka and Punnaga adorning them
    125. champeya kusumapriya fond of the fragrant Champa flowers
    126. chanda mundasura nishudini the destroyer of the demons Chanda and Munda, and came to be known as Chamunda for this reason
    127. chandahsara the essence of all Vedas
    128. chandanadrava dhighangi Whose person is fragrant with the scent of sandal paste
    129. chandika the Chandika, the awe – inspiring one
    130. chandramandala madhyaga stationed in the centre of the moon (the pericap of the Sahasrara)
    131. chandranibha shines as the Moon in the pericap of the Sahasrara lotus
    132. chandravidya the subject of Chandravidya (the same Srividya as practiced by Chandra, one of the twelve authorities)
    133. charachara jagannatha the queen ruling over all beings sentient and insentient
    134. charuchandra kaladhara has the comely crescent moon in Her crown
    135. charuhasa Whose smile is charming
    136. charurupa Whose form is exquisite
    137. chaturanga baleshvari commands armies well – equipped in all the four arms
    138. chaturbahu samanvita Four-armed Divinity
    139. chaturvaktra manohara fascinating with Her four faces
    140. chatushshashti kalamayi embodies the sixty four forms of fine arts
    141. chatushshashtih yupachardhya worshipped with sixty four ingredients (Upacharas)
    142. chetanarupa pure consciousness itself
    143. chidagni kundasambhuta came out of the fire of Pure Consciousness
    144. chideka rasarupini of the nature of Pure Consciosuness
    145. chinmayi Pure Consciousness
    146. chintamani gruhantastha Whose abode is Manidvipa the Island of Wish-yielding Gem
    147. chintyarupa transcends all thought
    148. chischaktish the Power of Consciousness
    149. chiti Citi, the independent power that sustains every thing
    150. chitkala a spark of Divine Consciousness (Chitkala)

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "D"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    151. dadhyannasakta hrudaya loves to have offerings of curd
    152. dadimi kusumaprabha shines like a pomegranate flower
    153. daharakasha rupini the subtle Self in the heart of man
    154. daityahantri destroys demons who embody the forces of evil
    155. daityashamani quells evil forces
    156. dakinishvari the Divine Ruler Dakini
    157. daksha-yagya vinashini destroyed the sacrifice of Daksha
    158. dakshayani manifested as the daughter of Daksha
    159. dakshina dakshinaradhya worshipped according to both the Dakshinacara and its opposite, by the learned and the unlearned
    160. dakshinamurti rupini has taken the form of Dakshinamurti
    161. damaryadi bhiravruta surrounded by ten Sankits beginning with Damari
    162. damshtrojvala has shining face
    163. dandanitishtha sits on the throne of justice
    164. darahaso jvalanmukhi Whose face is lit with a gentle smile
    165. darandolita dirghakshi has shapely, wide and elongated eyes tremulous with mercy
    166. darasmera mukhambuja Whose smiling face gladdens all
    167. dasha mudra samaradhya worshipped through the ten Mudras or signs and poses of the hands and fingers in worship
    168. daurbhagya tula vatula the wind that drives away the flakes of misfortune
    169. dayamurtih compassion itself
    170. deshakala parichhinna not limited by space and time
    171. devakarya samudyata promotes the cause of Divine forces
    172. devarshi ganasanghata stuyamanatma vaibhava Whose majesty is the subject of praise of hosts of sages and divine beings
    173. deveshi the ruler of all divinities
    174. dhanadhanya vivardhini increases riches and harvests
    175. dhanadhyaksha controls all riches
    176. dhanuhprabha shines in the colours of the rainbow
    177. dhanya supremely blessed
    178. dhara earth on which all beings rest
    179. dharasuta the daughter of Himavan, the king of mountains
    180. dhAriNi -
    181. dharma vardhini promotes righteousness in devotees
    182. dharmadhara the support of Dharma
    183. dharmadharma vivarjita transcends both good and evil
    184. dharmavarddhani -
    185. dharmini righteous
    186. dhayApari -
    187. dhira endowed with wisdom
    188. dhira samarchita worshipped by the wise with care and completeness
    189. dhrutih fortitude (Dhruti) and is also worshipped as the deity Dhruti
    190. dhyana dhyatru dhyeyarupa meditation, the person meditating and the object meditated upon
    191. dhyana gamya can be approached through meditation
    192. dikshita under a holy vow
    193. divya gandhadhya full of divine fragrance
    194. divya vigraha has Divine form
    195. dosha varjita free from all evil
    196. drushyarahita beyond objectivity
    197. duhkhahantri puts an end to sorrow
    198. durachara shamani puts an end to evil ways
    199. duradharsha hard to resist
    200. duraradhya hard to worship by those having no control over the senses
    201. durga difficult of access
    202. durgama hard to approach
    203. durlabha difficult to attain
    204. dushtadura far away for the wicked
    205. dvaita varjita without any duality
    206. dvijabrunda nishevita adored by holymen at the Sandhya worship
    207. dyutidhara full of splendour

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "E"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    208. ekakini the Alone

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "G"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    209. gaganatastha pervades all space
    210. gambhira inscrutable
    211. ganalolupa fond of music
    212. ganamba the Mother of all the shivaganas
    213. gandharva sevita attended upon by Gandharvas, the celestial minstrels
    214. garvita the Pride of Shiva
    215. gauri Gauri, the fair complexioned one
    216. gayatri the Gayatri Mantra
    217. geyachakra ratharudha mantrini parisevita attended by Her minister (Syamala) seated in Her chariot named Geya – chakra
    218. gomata the source of speech
    219. goptri Whose function is protection
    220. govindarupini has taken the form of Govinda (Vishnu) for this purpose
    221. gudanna pritamanasa has a liking for rice cooked with jaggery
    222. gudhagulpha Whose ankled are well filled and therefore without protrusion
    223. guhajanmabhuh the mother of Guha (Kartikeya)
    224. guhamba the Mother residing in the cave of intelligence (Also the mother of Guha or Subrahmanya)
    225. guhya worshipped in secrecy by some adepts
    226. guhyakaradhya worshppped by the demi – gods called the Guhyakas
    227. guhyarupini Whose form is subtle
    228. gunanidhir a treasure house of virtues
    229. gunatita transcends the three Gunas of Prakruti known as Sattva, Rajas and Tamas
    230. gurumandala rupini embodies in Herself the teaching of successive lines of teachers
    231. gurumurtir assumes the form of the Guru
    232. gurupriya the Consort of Shiva, the great Guru
    233. gyana vigraha Herself the embodiment of Supreme Knowledge
    234. gyanada the giver of Supreme Knowledge
    235. gyanagamya attained through knowledge
    236. gyanagyeya svarupini both knowledge and the object of knowledge
    237. GYAnAmbika -
    238. gyanamudra gyana-mudra also known as Cin-mudra – the finger-pose of knowledge
    239. GYAnaprasUnAmbika GYAnavalli

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "H"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    240. hakini rupadharini assumes the form ofHakini
    241. hamsavati mukhyashakti attended n by Hanshavati and other Shaktis
    242. hamsini the Hamsa mantra (So’ham Hamsah reverberating with every breath)
    243. haranetragni sandagdha kama sanjiva naushadhih The life giving herb, that revived the god of love (kama – deva) who had been burnt to death by the fire of Shiva’s eyes
    244. haribrahmendra sevita adored even by Deities like Hari, Brahma and Indra
    245. haridrannaika rasika loves offerings of saffron – flavoured rice
    246. heyopadeya varjita has nothing to reject nor to seek
    247. hrimati endowed with modesty
    248. hrinkari seed-syllable (Bijakshara) Hrim, which represents Bhuvaneshvari who creates, sustains and dissolves the universe
    249. hrudayastha abides in the heart of the devotees for meditation
    250. hrudya dwells in the heart and thereby gives highest satisfaction

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "I"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    251. ichhashakti gyanashakti kriyashakti svarupini the Power of Will (Ichha – shakti), Power of Knowledge (Gyana – shakti) and Power of Action (Kriya – shakti)
    252. indragopa parikshipta smaratunabha janghika Whose calf – muscles resemble the quiver of the god of love with bright glow–worm like decorations
    253. ishvari Ishvari who accomplishes this

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "J"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    254. jadashaktir manifesting as the mechanical forces
    255. jadatmika the innermost essence of all mechanical forces
    256. jagaddhatri the protectress of the universe
    257. jagarini the waking state
    258. jagatikanda the Root of the Universe
    259. jalandhara sthita Vishnumukhi at the holy shrine of Jalandhara (or who dwells in Visuddhi chakra)
    260. janani the Mother of the Universe
    261. janmamrutyu jaratapta jana vishranti dayini gives peace and repose to those afflicted with birth, old age and death.
    262. japapushpa nibhakrutih Whose colour is of the nature of japa flowers (China rose)
    263. jaradhvanta raviprabha removes by her effulgence the gloom of infirmities attendant on old age
    264. jaya designated as the victorious one
    265. jayatsena has victorious armies at Her command
    266. jvala malinikakshipta vahni prakara madhyaga has taken position in the center of the rampartof fire constructed by Jvalamalinika

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "K"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    267. kaantimati -
    268. kadamba kusuma priya fond of Kadamba flowers
    269. kadamba manjari klupta karnapura manohara radiant and charming with a bunch of Kadamba flowers over her ears
    270. kadamba vanavasini resides amidst a grove of Kadamba trees (which fringe the Manidvipa)
    271. kadambari priya fond of offerings of Kadambari (mead)
    272. kailAshanAyaki -
    273. kaivalya padadayini confers Kaivalya, the state of Absolute Bliss
    274. kakini rupadharini The Mother who appears in the form of Kakini
    275. kalahantri puts an end to Time, the destroyer of all
    276. kalakanthi the consort of Kala – Kantha (Shiva)
    277. kalalapa Whose speech itself constitutes what is called fine art
    278. kalamala wears all arts and crafts as a garland
    279. kalanatha the mistres of all the kalas
    280. kalanidhih the treasury of all arts
    281. kalaratradi shaktyaugha vruta attended by Kalaratri and eleven other Shaktis
    282. kalatmika Herself all the phases (kalas) of the moon
    283. kalavati the embodiment of all arts
    284. kalikalmasha nashini destroys the sins of the degenerate age of Kali
    285. kalpakavalli -
    286. kalpana rahita untouched by the creative process, which proceeds from Her will
    287. kalya one to be reckoned with
    288. kalyani Kalyani or the Blessed One
    289. kama kalarupa Kama-kala, the manifestation of Kameshvara and Kameshvari together
    290. kamadayini grants all the prayers of votaries
    291. kamadhukh a kamadukh (the wish-yielding celestial Cow) to Her devotees
    292. kamakeli tarangita overflows with joy in the company of Her Lord, Kameshvara
    293. kamakotika Of whom Kameshvara (Parama – Shiva) is a mode
    294. kamakshi The look of whose eyes is full of graceful
    295. kamalaksha nishevita worshipped even by the lutus – eyed Vishnu
    296. kamapujita adored by Manmatha the god of love (or who dwells in the Muladhara Chakra)
    297. kamarupini can assume any form
    298. kamasevita meditated upon by Kamadeva, the god of love
    299. kamesha baddhamangalya sutra shobhita kandhara Whose neck is adorned with the Mangalasutra fastened thereon by Her consort Kamesvara
    300. kamesha gyata saubhagya mardavoru dvayanvita The beauty and smoothness of whose thighs is known only to her consort, the Conqueror of love (Kamesha)
    301. kameshvara mukhaloka kalpita shriganeshvara by a mere glance at her Consort Mahesvara generates Sri Ganesha (the elephant headed diety)
    302. kameshvara prananadi the very life of Her Consort Kameshvara
    303. kamesvara premaratna manipratipana stani Whose breasts form the price she pays to Her Consort (Mahesvara) in return for the gem of love He bestows on Her
    304. kamesvarastra nirdagha sabhadasura shunyaka with the flames of the missile Kamesvara caused the destruction of bandha and also of his Capita Sunyaka
    305. kamya to be longed for as the highest
    306. kanakAmbika -
    307. kanatkanaka tatanka wears ear-ornaments of burnished gold
    308. kankangada keyura kamaniya bhujanvita Whose beautiful arms are decked with armlets and bracelets of gold
    309. kanta affaces all sin
    310. kanta si beauty coveted by all
    311. kantardha vigraha half the person of Her Consort, Parama-Shiva
    312. kanthadhah katiparyanta madhyakuta svarupini Whose middle region from the neck to the waist is represented by the central part (Kamaraja – Kuta) of the same Mantra
    313. kantimati resplendent
    314. kantir luminosity
    315. kapardini the Consort of Kapardin (Shiva)
    316. karanguli nakhotpanna rarayana dashakrutih out of Her finger nails recreated all the ten Incarnations of Vishnu to destroy the Asuras slain by Him in His incarnations and now recreated magically by Bhanda out of a missile of his
    317. karpura vatikamoda samakarshi digantara The fragrance of the campho limbedded betel roll in whose mouth is spreading in all directions
    318. karunarasa sagara the sea of compassion
    319. karya karana nirmukta not subject to the laws of cause and effect
    320. kashta the Supreme Goal
    321. katakshakinkari bhuta kamalakoti sevita can at a mere glance make crores of Lakshmis (goddesses of wealth and beauty) wait upon Her
    322. katyayani Katyayani, the sumutotal of the effulgence of all the Deities
    323. kaula marga tatpara sevita worshipped by those who are devoted to the Kaula tradition
    324. kaulini called Kaulini, the core of the Kaula form of worship
    325. kaulini kevala the ultimate object of Kaula worship
    326. kavyakala the art of poetry
    327. kavyalapa vinodini delights in the language of poetry
    328. kedhAreshwari -
    329. kevala the absolute devoid of all attributes
    330. khaDghanetri -
    331. khatvangadi praharana armed with a club and other weapons
    332. kirichakra ratharudha dandanatha purashkruta preceded by Dandanatha, the commander of Her armiesin his chariot Kiri-chakra
    333. klinkari represented by the holy syllable Klim, known as the Kamaraja Bija
    334. komalakara She Who Is Graceful In Form
    335. komalangi Whose form is delicate and pleasing
    336. koshanatha presides over treasure or the five sheaths (Koshas) of the human personality
    337. kRipAnAyaki -
    338. krodha karankushojjvala holding the flashing Ankusa (goad) of anger in Her lower right hand for restraining the forces of evil
    339. krodhashamani destroys the tendency to get angry
    340. krutagya knows all that men do
    341. kshamaladi dhara wears a rosary etc
    342. ksharaksharatmika both the changeful and the changeless
    343. kshaya vinirmukta Whom there is no decay also
    344. kshayavruddhi vinirmukta without growth and without decay
    345. kshetrakshetragya palini protects both the soul and the body
    346. kshetrapala samarchita worshipped by the Kshetrapala the keeper of the body (the Jiva)
    347. kshetrasvarupa the body of all beings
    348. kshetreshi also the ruler of all bodies
    349. kshipra prasadini easily pleased
    350. kshobhini generates the creative upheaval that causes the evolution of Prakruti at the beginning of a cycle and fructifies the Karma efficiencies of Jivas
    351. kulakundalaya the Deity in the Kulakunda (the Muladhara)
    352. kulamrutaika rasika (as the Kundalini) revels in the nectar flowing from the Sahasrara through the whole of the Kula path (i.e.the Susumna)
    353. kulangana the Female Element (Kundalini) in the Kula Path
    354. kulantastha the innermost Reality of the Kula Path
    355. kularupini the Deity of the Kaula sect
    356. kulasanketa palini guards the esoteric doctrine of the Kaulas
    357. kulayogini the Deity of the Kaulas
    358. kuleshvari the ruler of the Kula (Susumna)
    359. kulottirna transcends the sphere of the senses, including the mind
    360. kumaragana nathamba the mother of Kumara and Gananatha
    361. kundaLanAyaki -
    362. kundalini resides in the Muladhara as the Kundalini (the coiled power)
    363. kurmaprushta jayishnu prapadanvita The arch of whose feet rival the shapeliness and beauty of the back of a tortoise
    364. kurukulla the Deity Kurukulla
    365. kurvinda manishreni kanatkotira mandita Whose crown is shining with rows of Kuruvinda gems
    366. kushala She Who Is Skillful
    367. kutastha the changeless

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "L"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    368. lajja modesty itself
    369. lakinyamba svarupini the Mother with the form of Lakini
    370. lakshyaroma latadharata samunneya madhyama has a waist so slender that it can only be inferred as a base for the creeper of fine hair springing from her navel upwards
    371. lalitambika called Lalitambika (the goddess Lalita, the playful) because Her Cosmic functions are just like a sport to Her, and Ambika because she is the Mother of all
    372. lasyapriya likes the rhythmic dance of women, called Lasya
    373. layakari generates harmony in dance and music
    374. lila klupta brahmanda mandala For whom the creation of many a universe is a mere sport
    375. lila vinodini sports in the creation of the universe
    376. lilavigraha dharini takes various forms of Her cosmic play
    377. lobhanashini destroys greed in Her devotees
    378. lokatita transcends all the worlds
    379. lokayatra vidhayini directs the cosmic process
    380. lolakshi kamarupini love in women
    381. lopamudrarchita worshipped through the Mantra named after Lopamudra

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "M"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    382. madaghurnita raktakshi Whose red-tinged eyes are turned inward owing to the exuberance of bliss
    383. madanashini destroys all pride
    384. madapatala gandabhuh Whose cheeks are rosy with rapture
    385. madashalini ever inebriated with Bliss
    386. madhumati called madhumati, the ultimate step to be taken by the highest Yoginis
    387. madhuprita loves to have offerings of honey
    388. madhurabhAShaNi -
    389. madhuravachani -
    390. madhvi panalasa introverted and inactive like one intoxicated with wine
    391. madhyama Madhyama, or speech in the middle stage of its external expressions
    392. maha chatushshashti koti yogini ganasevita attended on by a host of sixty – four crores of Yoginis
    393. mahabala supreme in strength
    394. mahabhairava pujita worshipped by Mahabhairava
    395. mahabhoga the great enjoyer
    396. mahabuddhih supreme in wisdom
    397. mahadevi the Supreme Goddess
    398. mahaganesha nirbhinna vighnayantra praharshita rejoices when that Ganesha destroys the magical devices placed by Bhandasura as obstacles to Her victory
    399. mahagrasa the great Devourer
    400. mahaisvarya possesses supreme lordliness
    401. mahakailasa nilaya Whose abode is the Maha – kailasha ( the Bindu in the Sahasrara)
    402. mahakali Mahakali – the Divine Mother who consumes everything as Time
    403. mahakamesha mahishi the consort of the great Lord of desire (Maha – kamesha)
    404. mahakamesha nayana kumudhalda kaumudi gladdens the eyes of Her Lord Kameshvara as the moon gladdens the water – lilies
    405. mahalaskhmi Mahalakshmi
    406. mahalavanya shevadhih a treasure house of Divine beauty
    407. mahamantra the greatest Mantra (Shri Vidya)
    408. mahamaya Mahamaya (Supreme Power)
    409. mahaniya adorable
    410. mahapadmatavi samstha dwells in a lotus forest, the thousand–petalled lotus of the Sahashra
    411. mahapashu patastragni nirdaghasura sainika burned to death the armies of demons with the fire of the great missile pashupata
    412. mahapataka nashini can destroy the effects of even the most heinous sins
    413. mahapralaya sakshini witnesses the dissolution of the whole cosmos
    414. mahapujya the most worshipful
    415. maharatih boundless delight
    416. maharupa Whose form is magnificent and all – embracing
    417. mahasaktih Whose immense joy consists in Asakti (union with Shiva)
    418. mahasamrajya shalini To whom belongs the vast empire of the whole universe
    419. mahasana seated on the great seat (the thirty six Tattvas)
    420. mahasattva the Supreme Reality (Sattva)
    421. mahashaktih the Boundless Energy
    422. mahashana Whose repast consists of this mighty universe
    423. mahasiddihih endowed with the highest of attainments (siddhi)
    424. mahatantra Herself the greatest Tantra
    425. mahati greater than all
    426. mahatripura sundari Triupura-sundari (the Divine Beauty known by that name)
    427. mahavidya Maha – vidya, the great doctrine (also a deity)
    428. mahavirendra varada grants boons to great heroes
    429. mahavirya supreme in valour
    430. mahayaga kramaradhya adored by Mahayaga (Supreme Sacrifice)
    431. mahayantra the greatest Yantra (Shriyantra or Shri chakra)
    432. mahayogesh vareshvari the object of worship for all Yogeshvaras (spiritual adepts)
    433. maheshi the great queen
    434. maheshvara mahakalpa mahatandava sakshini the witness of the Supreme Lord’s (Maheshvara’s) awesome destructive cosmic dance at the end of the creative cycle
    435. maheshvari the Consort of Mahesvara, the Supreme Ruler of the Universe; OR the Supreme Sovereign
    436. mahi Mahi, the common ground of all
    437. maitryadi vasana labhya attained through loving kindness and other such dispositions
    438. majja samstha presides over marrow of living beings
    439. malayachala vasini dwells on the Malaya mountain
    440. malini wears a garland representing the fifty-one syllables of the Matruka
    441. mamatahantri destroys the sense of self – centredness in devotees
    442. mamsanishtha presides over flesh in living creatures
    443. manasvini self-possessed
    444. manavati high-minded
    445. mandara kusuma priya loves the Mandara flowers (coral – tree flowers of heaven)
    446. mandasmita prabhapura majjatkamesha manasa The radiance of whose smile inundates the mind of Kamesvara, Her consort
    447. mangalakrutih With a benign form
    448. maNgaLanAyaki -
    449. manikya makutakara janudvaya virajita Whose two knees are like crowns shaped from the precious stone Manikya
    450. mANikyavalli -
    451. manipurabja nilaya resides in the Manipura centre and is known as Lakini
    452. manipurantarudita then emerges in the Manipura – chakra
    453. manomayi all spirit
    454. manonmani Manonmani, the transcendent consciouness
    455. manorupekshu kodanda wields in her upper left hand a Sugarcane bow that stands for mind
    456. manovachama gochara beyond the range of mind and speech
    457. mantrasara the source of all Mantras
    458. mantrini nyasta rajyadhuh has invested her minister (Shyamalamba) with all Her regal authority
    459. mantrinyamba virachita vishanga vadhatoshita feels satisfaction at the destruction of Vishanga by Her chief minister Syamala
    460. manuvidya the subject of Manuvidya (Shrividya having twelve traditional authorities headed by Manu)
    461. maragatAmbika -
    462. maragatavalli -
    463. marali mandagamana Whose gait is slow and gentle like that of a swan
    464. martanda bhairavaradhya adored by Martanda bhairava
    465. mata the creatrix
    466. matir wisdom (mati) and is also worshipped as the deity Mati
    467. matta the consciousness of Shiva
    468. maturka varna rupini To whom all the alphabets are related as Her form
    469. maya the Power called Maya
    470. medha has become intelligence
    471. medonishtha presides over fatty substances in living beings
    472. merunilaya resides on Meru
    473. miinAkshi -
    474. mithya jagada dhishthana the ground of the Changing universe
    475. mitrarupini effulgent like the Sun
    476. moha nAyaki -
    477. mohanashini dispels all illusions
    478. mohini bewitching beauty
    479. mrudani the Consort of Mruda, the Divine dispenser of Happiness (Shiva)
    480. mrudapriya the beloved of Mruda (Shiva)
    481. mrugakshi Whose eyes are like those of a doe
    482. mrunala mrudu dorlata Whose arms are smooth and slender like a pair of lotus stalks
    483. mrutymathani destroys the fear of death
    484. mrutyudaru kutharika the axe that cuts down the tree of death
    485. mudgauda nasaktachitta loves offerings of boiled pulse and rice
    486. mugdha attractive by her artless beauty and innocence
    487. mukhachandra kalankabha mruganabhi visheshaka The Kasturi Tilaka adorns her moonlike face, like the spot in the moon
    488. mukhya known as Mukhya – prana, the first – born of creation (known as Hiranyagarbha or the four – faced Brahma)
    489. mukti rupini Herself salvation
    490. muktida the giver of salvation
    491. muktinilaya the Abode of those who attain salvation
    492. mukunda gives salvation to Jivas
    493. muladharabujarudha assumes Her place in the Muladhara Chakra, described as a lotus of four petals
    494. muladharaika nilaya Whose chief residence is the Muladhara
    495. mula-kuta-traya-kalebara Whose body is identiacal with Pancha – Dashakshari Mantra with all its Kutas or combination of letters
    496. mulamantratmika the original Mantra (Mula-mantra, here Pancha – dashakshari) itself
    497. mulaprakruti the first cause
    498. mulavigraha rupini the Root from which all other Shaktis like Bala have their origin
    499. munimanasa hamsika The swan who swims in the Manasa lake of the minds of saints
    500. murta has forms

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "N"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    501. nabhayalavala romali lataphala kuchadvayi Whose breasts look like fruits on the creeper of the hair – line spreading upwards from the navel
    502. nadarupa in the form of Nada (cosmic sound)
    503. nadarupini the primal mystic sound
    504. naishkarmya transcends work (Karma)
    505. nakhadidhiti sanchhanna namajjana tamoguna The illumining splendor of whose tow nails dispel the darkness of ignorance in the votaries prostrating at Her feet
    506. nalini called Nalini, because her eyes, limbs etc have the loveliness of Nalini or lotus
    507. namaparayana prita pleased with a litany of Her names
    508. namarupa vivarjita as Para-Brahman is without name and form
    509. nandini bestows delight
    510. nandividya the Deity of the Mantra of Nandikeshvara
    511. narayani Narayani counterpart of Narayana (Vishnu)
    512. nateshvari the counterpart of Chidambara Nateshvara
    513. navachampaka pushpabha nasadanda virajita Whose shapely nose is like a freshly blown Champaka bud
    514. navavidruma bimbashri nyakkari radanachhada Whose lips outshine the redness of fresh coral and bimba fruit
    515. niilAmbika -
    516. niilAyadAkshi -
    517. nijagyarupa nigama Whose commands the Vedas are
    518. nijaruna prabhapura majjadbrahmanda mandala In the rosy splendour of whose form the whole universe is bathed
    519. nijasallapa madhurya vinirbhartsita kachhapi Whose speech is more melodious than the Veena of Sarasvati known as Kachhapi
    520. nikhileshvari Ruler of the worlds
    521. nilachikura Whose locks of hair are shining black colour
    522. nirabadha can never be sublated
    523. niradhara has no support other than Herself But supports everything else
    524. niraga without passions
    525. nirahankara without any egoism
    526. nirakara not limited to and by any form
    527. nirakula never agitated
    528. niralamba depends on none
    529. niramaya free from the ills of life
    530. niranjana free from the stain of ignorance
    531. nirantara without any division, being eternal by nature
    532. nirapaya imperishable
    533. nirashraya not dependent on anything or anyone
    534. niratyaya indestructible
    535. niravadya flawless
    536. nirbhava not involved in the cycle of births and deaths
    537. nirbheda beyond all differences
    538. nirdvaita has no opposite
    539. nirguna beyond the three Gunas of Prakrti – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas
    540. nirishvara has no over – lord
    541. nirlepa free from all affectations of external contacts
    542. nirlobha free from greed
    543. nirmada without pride
    544. nirmala free from all impurities
    545. nirmama devoid of self-interest in any matter, as She includes everyting in Herself
    546. nirmoha free from false view of things
    547. nirnasha deathless
    548. nirupadhi has no limitations
    549. nirupama peerless
    550. nirupaplava free from afflictions
    551. nirvana shikhadayini confers the bliss of Nirvana
    552. nirvikalpa without any modifications, as she is pure consciousness
    553. nirvikara not subject to change
    554. nisamshaya has no doubts
    555. nishchinta free from all doubts and anxieties
    556. nishkala the Partless Unitary Whole
    557. nishkalanka without any stain
    558. nishkama free from desires
    559. nishkarana has no cause for Hersef, as she is the first cause
    560. nishkriya without involvement in action
    561. nishkrodha without anger
    562. nishpapa sinless
    563. nishparigraha needs no gift, as everything in the universe is hers
    564. nishprapancha beyond the sphere of multiplicity
    565. nissima mahima Whose glory is boundless
    566. nistraigunya devoid of the three dispositions of Nature
    567. nistula peerless
    568. nitya eternal
    569. nitya parakramatopa niriskhana samutsuka delighted on seeing the aggressiveness of Her Nitya deities in their attack on the army of Bhanda
    570. nitya yauvana ever youthful
    571. nityabuddha the ever – awake Consciousness
    572. nityaklinna ever compassionate
    573. nityamukta eternally free
    574. nityashoda shikarupa in the form of the sixteen Nityas (Tripurasundari with Her companions)
    575. nityashuddha eternally pure
    576. nityatrupta eternally contentd and happy
    577. niyantri the guide and controller of all

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "O"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    578. odyana pithanilaya present at holy seat or Odyana (or who dwells in the Agya Chakra)
    579. ojovati full of energy

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "P"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    580. padadvaya prabhajala parakruta saroruha Whose feet defeat the lotus in beauty
    581. padmanabha sahodari the sister of Padmanabha or Mahavishnu
    582. padmanayana Whose eyes are like a lotus petal
    583. padmaraga samaprabha shines like a ruby
    584. padmaraga shiladarsha paribhavi kapolabhuh Whose cheeks are far fairer than mirrors of ruby (Padmaraga)
    585. padmasana Brahma, with seat in the cosmic lotus
    586. pancha koshantara sthita the Jiva within the five Kosas (Psychological sheaths of the Jiva’s personality)
    587. pancha ptreta manchadhi shayini seated on a seat supported by the Five Dead, (Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Ishvara and Sadashiva)
    588. pancha sankhyopacharini worshipped with the fivefold offerings
    589. pancha yagya priya loves the five sacrifices of the rightward Savya path
    590. panchabhuteshi rules over the five primordial elements
    591. panchabrahma sanasathita rests on a seat formed of the five Divinities (Brahmans), Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Isana and Sadasiva
    592. panchabrahma svarupini Whose form is composed of five Brahmas (Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Ishvara and Sadashiva)
    593. panchakrutya parayana engaged in the five functions mentioned above
    594. panchami the Consort of the Fifth of these (Sadashiva)
    595. panchapretasa nasina sits on a seat formed of the five dead deities (same as the Brahmas mentioned below)
    596. panchashat pitharupini forms the fifty basic sounds of our speech, or who has fifty centres of worship
    597. panchatanmatra sayaka holds five arrows representing the five Tanmatras (Subtle elements)
    598. panchavaktra exhibits five faces
    599. papanashini destroys sins together with the root of all sinful tendencies
    600. paparanya davanala also the wild fire that burns down the jungles of sins
    601. para the Para or the Transcendent Word (above the other lower stages of speech known as Pashyanti, Madhyama and Vaikhari)
    602. paradevata Paradevata the object of supreme devotion
    603. parakasha the Transcendental Ether
    604. parama also the Supreme Self
    605. paramananda Supreme Bliss
    606. paramantra vibhedini breaks the spells of one’s enemies
    607. paramanuh also the subtlest particle
    608. paramdhama the Supreme Abode that homes all things that exists
    609. parameshvari the sovereign Supreme
    610. paramjyotih the Supreme Light that illumines all luminaries
    611. paramodara supremely generous
    612. paranishtha the Supreme End and establishment in Faith
    613. parapara both the Absolute and the Relative
    614. parashaktih Para – sakti, the Supreme Power
    615. paratpara the Supermost superior even to those who are adored as supreme deities
    616. parichhedya the Infinite without any limitation
    617. parimaLa suganta nAyaki -
    618. parvatasundari -
    619. parvatavardhini -
    620. pArvatI Parvati, the daughter of the Himalayas
    621. parvatrAja putri -
    622. pashahantri cuts the bond of Samsara
    623. pashahasta holds in Her hands the nosse that binds all to Samsara
    624. pashuloka bhayankari frightful to the ignorant (Pashu)
    625. pashupasha vimochini releases the ignorant from their bond of ignorance
    626. pashupatinAyaki -
    627. pashyanti Pashyanti or speech in the inaudible stage
    628. patali kusuma priya fond of Patali flower (the pale – red trumpet flowers)
    629. pavanakrutih Whose form is holy and sanctifying
    630. payasannapriya likes offerings of Payasa (milk food)
    631. pitavarna yellow in hue (ee golden in colour)
    632. poorna Poorna (the all-encompassing whole)
    633. prabharupa the Effulgence of Power itself
    634. prabhavati endowed with the power of effulgence (Prabhavati)
    635. prachanda awe-inspiring
    636. pragalbha surprisingly daring
    637. pragyana ghanarupini Pure consciousness condensed
    638. pragyatmika the soul of the totality of Jivas experiencing Deep Sleep
    639. prakatakrutih manifest in all as the I-sense
    640. pranada gives life
    641. pranadatri gives life
    642. pranarupini Herself Life (Prana or Brahma)
    643. praneshvari the ruler of Prana (life force)
    644. prasavitri gives birth to the universe
    645. prasiddha the celebrated
    646. pratipan mukhyarakanta tithimandala pujita to be worshipped on the full – moon day, which is the last day (Tithi) of the lunar fortnight beginnng with Pratipada
    647. pratishtha the foundation of all things
    648. pratyagrupa the Self within
    649. pratyak chitirupa in the form of consciousness turned inwards (when the Reality is unmanifest in dissolution)
    650. premarupa pure Love itself
    651. priyankari grants what is dear to us
    652. priyavrata fond of holy vows
    653. pujya worthy of devoted worship
    654. pulomajarchita adored by Pulomaja, the consort of Indra
    655. punyakirttih famed for holiness
    656. punyalabhya can be attained only through holiness
    657. punyapunya phalaprada the dispenser of the fruits of righteous as also of evil actions
    658. punyashravana kirtana To hear of whom and to praise whom make for holiness
    659. puratana the most Ancient Being
    660. purushartha prada bestows the fourfold values of human life – Dharma (morality), Artha (wealth), Kama (pleasure) and Moksa (liberation)
    661. purvaja the first born
    662. pushkara like a lotus in bloom
    663. pushkarekshana has eyes charming like petals of lotus
    664. pushta full of vigour
    665. pushti fullness (Pushti) and is also the deity Pushti

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "R"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    666. ragamathani destroys all passion in the minds of devotees
    667. ragasvarupa pashadhya holds in her lower left hand a noose representing the power of love
    668. ragyana dhvanta dipika dispels the darkness of ignorance
    669. ragyi the queen (shakti) of the Supreme Being
    670. rahastarpana tarpita gratified by secret libations
    671. rahoyaga kramaradhya to be worshipped by secret rites
    672. raja rajeshvari Rajarajeshvari (The Ruler of rulers)
    673. rajajaitri helps to overcome Aja (Ignorance)
    674. rajapitha niveshita nijashrita raises Her devotees to royal status
    675. rajarajarchita Kubera, the lord of wealth, described as the kings of kings Or worshipped by Kubera, the king of kings
    676. rajatkrupa gloriously compassionate
    677. rajiva lochana Whose eyes are lutus-like
    678. rajya dayini bestows dominion
    679. rajya vallabha loves dominion
    680. rajyalakshmih the goddess of sovereignty
    681. rakenduvadana Whose face is like the full moon
    682. rakinyamba svarupini the Mother as Rakini
    683. rakshakari saviour of Jivas from Samsara
    684. rakshasaghni the slayer of Rakshasa, the forces of evil
    685. raktavarna has a ruddy hue
    686. raktavarna of a rosy complexion like the Patali flower
    687. rama all that is feminine
    688. rama Rama (Lakshmi)
    689. ramana lampata craves to sport with Her Consort
    690. ramani She charming
    691. rambhadi vandita adored by Rambha and other celestial damsels
    692. ramya lovely
    693. ranatkinkini mekhala wears a girdle of tinkling bells
    694. ranjani gives delight
    695. rasagya knows all Rasas (tastes, values, joys etc)
    696. rasashevadhih Herself the treasure of all Rasa
    697. rasysa the essence of all things we enjoy
    698. ratipriya dear to Rati
    699. ratirupa Whose form is like that of Rati, the Wife of Kamadeva (God of Love)
    700. ratnagraiveya chintaka lolamukta phalanvita wears a gem – set necklace having a big pearl as a pendant
    701. ratnakinkini karamya rashana dama bhushita adorned with a girdle having many mini bells set with precious stones
    702. raviprakhya blazes in the heart like the Sun
    703. ravyakta the unmanifest state of the universe
    704. rogaparvata dambholir the thunderbolt that shatters the mountain of diseases
    705. ruddama vaibhava boundless in Her might and glory
    706. rudhira samsthita presides over blood in living beings
    707. rudragrandthi vibhedini finally breaks through the Rudra – granthi (the barrier to the subtlest dimension)
    708. rudrarupa takes the form of Rudra for this purpose

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "S"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    709. sachamara ramavani savyadakshina sevita seved by Lakshmi and Sarasvati standing on Her left and right sides holding Chowri fans
    710. sachhidanada rupini Whose form is Existence – Knowledge – Bliss absolute
    711. sadachara pravartika inspires men to right conduct
    712. sadasad rupadharini takes the forms of both Being and Non – being
    713. sadashiva Sadashiva
    714. sadashiva kutumbini the Consort of sadashiva
    715. sadashiva pativrata the devoted Consort of Sadashiva
    716. sadatushta ever pleased
    717. sadgati prada leads one along the path of salvation
    718. sadhvi a paragon of virtue
    719. sadhvi rightly understood as the Power that dispels ignorance
    720. sadodita ever shining
    721. sadyahprasadini bestows Her grace immediately on being so worshipped
    722. sagara mekhala Whose girdle is the sea
    723. sahasradala padmastha dwells in the Shahasrara which is described as a thousand petalled lotus
    724. sahasrakshi has thousands of eyes
    725. sahasrapath has thousands of feet
    726. sahasraram bujarudha then ascends to the Thousand – petalled Lotus known as the Sahasrara
    727. sakalagama sandoha shukti samputa mauktika the priceless pearl contained in the shell casket of all the Agamas (ritualistic scriptures)
    728. sakhi devi -
    729. sakinyamba svarupini The Mother who appears in the form of Sakini
    730. sakshivarjita has Herself no witness
    731. samagana priya loves the chanting of Samaveda
    732. samanadhika varjita has none equal or superior
    733. samanvita attended on by Hamsavati and other Saktis
    734. samarasya parayana the harmony of all Diversities
    735. samasta bhaktasukhada bestows happiness on all devotees
    736. samayanchara tatpara Whom the Samaya tradition of worship is dear
    737. samayantastha likewise the center of the Samaya doctrine (in which the worship is done internally through meditation and which holds Siva-Sakti as of equal importance in all respects)
    738. samharini Whose function is to destroy the universe
    739. samhritashesha pashanda The destroyer of heretics those who are averse to spiritual values
    740. sampatkari samarudha sindhura vrajasevita accompanied by a regiment of elephants, headed by Sampatkari
    741. sampradayeshvari the guardian of sacred traditions
    742. samrajya dayini bestows imperial dominion
    743. samsara panka nirmagna samuddharana pandita skilled in rescuing men who are sunk in the mire of Samsara
    744. samshayaghni effaces all doubts
    745. sanakadi samaradhya worthy of being worshipped by Sanaka and other great ascetics
    746. sandhya the Deity for whose adoration the Sandhya (twilight worship) is done
    747. sandrakaruna deeply compassionate
    748. sarasvati Sarasvati, the Goddess of discriminative wisdom and spiritual illumination
    749. sarva lokeshi the Ruler of all the worlds
    750. sarva mohini casts Her spell on all
    751. sarva trantrarupa the embodiment of all Tantras (scriptures dealing with worship)
    752. sarva vedanta samvedya Whom all the Vendantas (Upanishads) declare
    753. sarva yantratmika the soul of all Yantras Mystic diagrams)
    754. sarvabharana bhushita adorned with divine ornaments
    755. sarvadhara On whom everything rests
    756. sarvaga present in all as the inner controller
    757. sarvagya omniscient
    758. sarvAlankRita -
    759. sarvaloka vashankari keeps all the worlds under Her sway
    760. sarvamangala all auspicious
    761. sarvamantra svarupini the essence of all Mantras
    762. sarvamayi the all
    763. sarvamrutyu nivarini wards off all forms of death
    764. sarvANganAyaki -
    765. sarvantaryamini the Inner Ruler of all beings
    766. sarvanulanghya shasana Whose laws none dares to transgress
    767. sarvapad vinivarini wards off all dangers
    768. sarvartha datri grants all our wants
    769. sarvaruna rose – hued all over
    770. sarvashaktimayi Whom the powers associated with all deities belong
    771. sarvatantreshi the presiding deity of all the Tantras
    772. sarvatita transcends everything
    773. sarvatomukhi has faces all round and see in all directions
    774. sarvaudana pritachitta loves to have offerings of all kinds of food
    775. sarvavarnopa shobhita shines with all colours
    776. sarvavastha vivarjita devoid of all state
    777. sarveshvari the Mistress of the whole universe
    778. sarvopadhi vinirmukta free from all limitations
    779. sarvopanisha dudghushta Whom all the Upanishads proclaim
    780. sarvyudha dhara armed with all weapons
    781. sati the Eternal Being as also the Consort of Parama – Shiva
    782. satya sandha wedded to Truth
    783. satyagyananandarupa Truth, Knowledge and Bliss
    784. satyananda svarupini Supreme Knowledge and Supreme Bliss
    785. satyarupa herself truth
    786. satyavrata vowed to truth
    787. saumya the object of worship in Soma sacrifice
    788. saundaranAyaki -
    789. savitri the Creative Power
    790. savya pasavya margastha reached by both the paths – Savya (samaya) and Apasavya (kaula)
    791. shadadhvatita rupini transcends the six modes of devotion (Varna, Pada, Mantra, Kala, Tattva and Bhuvana)
    792. shadanana has six faces
    793. shadanga devatayukta accompanied by the deities of the six Angas (parts – heart, head, hair, eyes, armour and weapons)
    794. shadgunya paripurita is endowed with the dix good qualities in perfection
    795. shahasrashirsha vadana has thousands of heads and faces
    796. shailendra tanaya the daughter of the King of Mountains, the Himalayas
    797. shakti -
    798. shaktikutaika tapanna katyadho bhagadharini Whose form below waist is identical with the last part (Sakti – Kuta) of Pancha – dashakshari Mantra
    799. shamatmika the soul of peace
    800. shambhavi known as Shambhavi, the Consort of Shiva
    801. shambhu mohini the charmer of Shambhu, Her Consort
    802. shankari Shankari the Consort of Shiva, inseparable from Her
    803. shanta ever serene
    804. shAnta nAyaki -
    805. shantih serenity
    806. shantimati full of peace
    807. shantyatita kalatmika transcends even the state of peace
    808. sharachandra nibhanana Whose face shines like the autumnal moon
    809. sharadaradhya adored by Sharada (the Consort of Brahma)
    810. sharmada gives eternal happiness
    811. sharmadayini the bestower of happiness
    812. sharvani the consort of Sharva or Shiva
    813. shashvat-aishvarya Whose dominion is eternal
    814. shashvati eternal
    815. shastramayi the science of the spirit
    816. shastrasara the essence of all Shastras (Scriptures)
    817. shatchakropari samsthita then establishes herself above the six Chakras
    818. shatodari has a very slender waist
    819. shirahsthita dwells in the Shasrara in the head
    820. shishtapujita adored by the righteous
    821. shishteshta dear to the reighteous
    822. shiva The Consort of Shiva, whose Power She is
    823. shiva kameshvarankastha seated on the lap of Shiva, the conqueror of desire (Kamesvara)
    824. shiva yoga nAyaki -
    825. shivaduti the herald of Shiva
    826. shivagyana pradayini imparts the knowledge of the Supreme Being (Shiva)
    827. shivakAmi -
    828. shivamurtih Whose form is Shiva
    829. shivAnandavalli -
    830. shivankari dispenses happiness
    831. shivapara solely devoted to Shiva
    832. shivapriya the beloved of Shiva
    833. shivaradhya worshipper of Shiva
    834. shivashaktyaikya rupini the unity of Shiva and Shakti
    835. shobhana all radiance with beauty
    836. shobhana Whose splendour beams forth in all directions
    837. shobhana sulabhagatih Whose path is lustrous and easy to traverse
    838. shrichakra rajanilaya dwells in the sovereign Shri-chakra
    839. shrikanthardha sharirini has a body constituting the half of Siva
    840. shrikari the spouse of Vishnu, who brings prosperity to devotees
    841. shrimadvagbhava kutaika svarupa mukhapankaja Whose lotus face represents the Vagbhava – Kuta of the pancha dashakshari – mantra which is subtle form of the Devi
    842. shri-mahararagni Great Empress of the whole Universe
    843. shrimannagara nayika the Bindu, the central circle of bliss in the Shri-chakra
    844. shrimata Salutations to the Divine Mother, the Mother of all
    845. shrimath tripura sundari the divine Tripura-sundari
    846. shrimat-simhasaneshvari Great Sovereign, enthroned on the lion’s back
    847. shrishiva the blessed Shiva ( identical with Shiva)
    848. shrishoda shakshari vidya the Shodashakshari – vidya, the sixteen lettered Mantra of the Devi
    849. shrividya Srhi – vidya (the fifteen lettered Mantra of the Devi)
    850. shrungara rasa sampoorna the essence of Love (or who lives where love in fullness is found)
    851. shruti samstuta vaibhava Whose glory is praised by the Vedas
    852. shruti simanta sinduri krutapadabja dhulika The dust of whose feet are borne on their head by the Shruti Devatas (Vedas personified as goddesses), who prostrate before Her and thereby colour Her feet with the vermilion marks on their foreheads
    853. shrutih has become memory
    854. shubhakari blissful in blessing
    855. shuddha ever pure
    856. shuddha manasa ever pure in mind
    857. shuddha vidyankurakara dvijapankti dvayojjvala Whose beauty is enhanced by her rows of teeth that resemble the sprouting of pure Knowledge (Suddha Vidya or Sri – Vidya)
    858. shukla samsthita presides over the vital fluid in all creatures
    859. shuklavarna white in complexion
    860. shuldayayudha sampanna armed with a trident and other weapons in Her four hands
    861. shyamabha of shining dark complexion
    862. siddhamata the Mother ever ready to help aspirants
    863. siddhavidya Whose Mantra (Srividya) is always fruitful
    864. siddheshvari the supreme goddess of Shddhas or spiritual adepts
    865. sindura tilakanchita adorned with the vermilion mark on the forehead
    866. sinjana manimanjira manditashri padambuja Whose lotus – feet are adorned with tinkling anklets set with jewels
    867. snigdhau danapriya loves offerings of rice mixed with ghee
    868. somakalAnAyaki -
    869. srushtikartri the cause of creation
    870. stanabhara dalanmadhya pattabandha valitraya Whose waist, breaking under the weight of the breasts, gets three lines like a supporting belt
    871. statpada lakshyartha denoted by the word Tat (That)
    872. sthisamsthita presides over bones in living creatures
    873. stotrapriya loves hymns of praise
    874. stutimati worthy of hymns of praise
    875. subhaga the goddess affluence
    876. subhruh has attractive eyebrows
    877. sudhasagara madhyastha dwells in the center of the sea of Nectar (which is the light of the Blissful Moon of the pericap of the Sahashrara)
    878. sudhasarabhi varshini sends streams of Nectar (spiritual bliss) from the Transcendant moon in the Sahasrara
    879. sudhasrutih the source of Sudha (spiritual nectar)
    880. sugandhavananAyaki -
    881. sukhakari bestows happiness
    882. sukhaprada bestows all happiness
    883. sukharadhya Whose worship is easy to perform
    884. sukshma rupini Whose form is subtle
    885. sumangali most auspicious in Herself
    886. sumeru madhya shrugastha dwells on the mid most peak of Mount Meru
    887. sumukhi has a lovely face
    888. sundarakuchAmbika -
    889. sundarAmbika -
    890. sundaranAyaki -
    891. supratishtha the firm foundation of all existence
    892. supta the state of Deep Sleep
    893. surayayika the leader of the gods
    894. suvasini ever with Her consort
    895. suvasinyarchana prita pleased with respect shown to married women
    896. suveshadhya gracefully attired
    897. svabhavamadhura sweet by nature
    898. svadha The Deity Svadha, the sacred exclamation uttred while making oblations to the Pitrs (manes)
    899. svadhina vallabha dominates over Her Consort Siva in the creative part of the cyclic motion of time
    900. svadhisthanam bujagata abides in the Svadhisthana Chakra under the name of Kakini
    901. svaha the deity of Svaha, the sacred exclamation with which oblations aremade in sacrificial fire for gods
    902. svapanti the Dream State
    903. svaprakasha self – illumined
    904. svargapavargada bestows the enjoyments of Paradise and the eternal bliss of Moksha
    905. svarnagarbha has everything wholesome and charming hidden within her
    906. svastha sweet by nature
    907. svastimati benediction
    908. svatantra the only Independent Being
    909. svatmananda lavibhuta brahmadyananda santatih A fraction of whose bliss forms the bliss manifest in Brahma and others
    910. svatmarama merged in the joy of Her own Self
    911. swarnapurinAyaki -

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "T"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    912. tadillata samaruchih shines like a steady flash of lightning
    913. taijasatmika the soul of Taijasa, the totality of Jivas experiencing the Dream State
    914. talodari though slender of waist, contains within Herself all the Talas, (worlds) like Atala, Vitala and others
    915. tambula puritamukhi Whose mouth is full of chewing betel
    916. tamopaha the dispeller of ignorance in aspirants
    917. tanumadhya Tanu-madhya the Deity slender in the waist
    918. tapasaradhya adored by ascetics
    919. tapatrayagni santapta samahladana chandrika like moonlight that gives joy to those who are burnt by the triple fires of misery – those generated by physical, mental and supernatural causes
    920. tarakanti tiraskari nasabharana bhasura With a nasal ornament set with a jewel that excels the brilliance of the planet Venus
    921. tarunaditya patala rosy like the morning sun
    922. taruni ever young
    923. tatanka yugalibhuta tapanodupa mandala has the orbs of the Sun and Moon as Her pair of ear pendants
    924. tatvadhika transcends all cosmic categories
    925. tatvamartha svarupini one with the non-dual Being denoted by the words Tat and Tvam in the great Vedic sentence Tat-tvamasi
    926. tatvamayi comprehends all cosmic categories
    927. tatvamayi (tasmai) denoted by the mystic syllable Tat (That)
    928. tatvasana Whose seat is constituted of the Cosmic Elements (the thirty six Tattvas)
    929. tejovati effulgent
    930. tigarvita very dignified
    931. tirodhanakari Whose function is concealing this, i.e. reducing this universe to its primeval conditions
    932. trayi the three-fold Veda
    933. tridashesvari Mistress governing the Divinites (Tridasas)
    934. triguna endowed with the three modes of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas
    935. trigunatmika Her in whom the three dispositions of Nature are in harmony
    936. trijagadvandya adored by all in the three worlds
    937. trikhandeshi the presiding deity of the Trikhanda, the three regions of Brahmarandhra, Manipura and Muladhara
    938. trikonaga dwells in the triangle of Shri-chakra
    939. trikonantara dipika resides in the centre of the Muladhara known as the Trikona
    940. trikuta forms the three Kutas or groups of letters of Shri – vidya
    941. trilochana has three eyes
    942. trimurti has the three forms of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshvara
    943. trinayana endowed with three eyes
    944. tripura Tripura or the One with three aspects
    945. tripura sundari -
    946. tripuramalini the Deity of the threefold circles in the Shri-chakra
    947. tripurambika the Mother-Goddess Tripurambika (who represents the stresses in the creative process known Nada, Bindu, and Kala)
    948. tripurashri vashankari controls Tripurashri (a powerful Deity) presiding over the fifth avarana called sarvarthasadhaka chakra
    949. tripureshi the deity Tripura
    950. tristha present in the three periods of existence like past, present and future
    951. trivarga datri bestows the traid of human values (aspiration to do meritorious acts, the capacity for it, and the means for it)
    952. trivarga nilaya implicit in the threefold aim of life (Dharma, Artha and Kama)
    953. tryakshari the Mantra of three parts (Panchadashi Mantra of Shrividya)
    954. tryambaka the three – eyed Goddess
    955. tubhyam addressed as Tvam (Thou) in prayers and hymns
    956. turya the Turya, which transcends all states
    957. tushtih contentment, (Tushti) and is also worshipped as the deity Tushti
    958. tvakstha presides over the skin that gives the sensation of touch

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "U"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    959. udarakirti Whose fame extends everywhere
    960. udyadbhanu sahasrabha radiant as a thousand suns rising together
    961. uma Uma-Brahma-vidya personified
    962. unmesha niminishotpanna vipanna bhuvanavali The opening of whose eyes results in creation and closing in destruction

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "V"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    963. vadana trayasamyuta has three faces
    964. vadanadvaya as Rakini has two faces
    965. vadanaika samnvita with a single face
    966. vadanasmara mangalya gruhatorana chillika Whose face, the auspicious home of Karma (Cupid), has eyebrows that resemble archways leading to that abode of beauty
    967. vagadhishvari presides over speech
    968. vagvadini vag-vadini or the power that prompts holy men to speak words of wisdom
    969. vahnimandala vasini lives in a circle of fire
    970. vaikharirupa Vakhari the uttered audible speech
    971. vaishnavi Vaishnavi, the power of Vishnu
    672. vajradi kayudhopeta has the thunderbolt and other weapons
    973. vajreshvari vajreshvari, the Deity of a holy place known by that name
    974. vajrini Indrani
    975. vaktra lakshmi parivaha chalan minabha lochana Whose eyes move like fish in the streams of beauty flowing from Her face
    976. vamadevi the consort of Vamadeva (Shiva)
    977. vamakeshi Vamakeshi or ne with lovely locks of hair
    978. vamakeshvari the deity of the leftward path of the Kaulas
    979. vamanayana Whose eyes are full of grace
    980. vanchitartha pradayini grants worshippers whatever they want
    981. vandaru jana vatsala loves devotees like a mother
    982. vandya the adorable
    983. varada bestows boons
    984. varada defeats the ignoble demons
    985. varadadi nishevita attended on by Varada and three other Saktis
    986. varna rupini Whose form is denoted by the letters of our language
    987. varnashrama vidhayini ordained the social divisions and stations in life
    988. varuni mada vihvala intoxicated with Varuni (the wine of spiritual bliss)
    989. vasuda the generous giver of everything valuable
    990. vayovastha vivarjita devoid of old age and all other changes
    991. vedajanani the source of the world
    992. vedanAyaki -
    993. vedavedya can be known through the Vedas (Sacred scriptures)
    994. vedyavarjita being omniscient, has nothing more to know
    995. vidagdha the wisdom displayed in all skills
    996. vidhatri created the universe and sustains it
    997. vidrumabha like coral in complexion
    998. vidvanmekalAmba -
    999. vidya Vidya, the knowledge that gives spiritual enlightenment
    1000. vidyavidya svarupini both Knowledge and Ignorance
    1001. vighna nashini puts an end to all obstacles
    1002. vigyana ghanarupini wisdom crystallized
    1003. vigyana kalana realization of the Absolute
    1004. vigyatri the ultimate subject
    1005. vijaya the victorious
    1006. vikirteshvari -
    1007. vilasini the playful (Lalita) - Her play being the creation, sutentation and dissolution of the universe
    1008. vimala Vimala or the Pure
    1009. vimanastha seated high in Her celestial car
    1010. vimarsharupini of the nature of Vimarsha, the mirror of objectivity which makes Shiva self – aware as Prakasha (the pure Luminosity), the subject
    1011. vindyachala nivasini Whose abode is in the Vidhya Mountain
    1012. viprapriya loves the learned
    1013. viprarupa Herself the learned
    1014. vira Herself the Hero
    1015. viradh rupa the Virat, the Cosmic Whole
    1016. viragini utterly passionless
    1017. viragoshti priya fond of the assembly of the devotees of the heroic mode of worship
    1018. viraja without any stain
    1019. viramata the Mother worshipped by the heroes (Viras)
    1020. viraradhya worshipped by the Viras (the heroic)
    1021. vishalakshi has large eyes or worshipped as Vishala at Kasi
    1022. vishnugranthi vibhedini then breaks through the Vishnu – granthi (the barrier to still subtler dimensions)
    1023. vishnumaya Vishnu-maya-the power that limits the all-pervading Vishnu and manifests all that was unmanifest
    1024. vishnurupini Herself in the form of Vishnu
    1025. vishrunkhala ever unfettered
    1026. vishuddhi chakranilaya resides in the Vishuddhi Chakra
    1027. vishukra pranaharana varahi viryanandita appreciates the prowess displayed by Varahi in the destruction of Vishukra
    1028. vishva bhramana karini causes, the universe to revolve in cyclic motion
    1029. vishva sakshini the witness of everything
    1030. vishvadharini supports the whole universe
    1031. vishvadhika transcends the whole universe
    1032. vishvagarbha has the universe in her womb
    1033. vishvagrasa devours the universe at the end of the cycle
    1034. vishvamata the Mother of the Universe
    1035. vishvarupa has the whole world perceived in the waking state as Her form, and therefore technically called Vishva
    1036. vishvatomukhi faces all directions
    1037. vividhakara has many forms
    1038. viviktastha dwells in the hearts of the wise or in sacred secluded spots
    1039. viyadadi jagatprasuh the origin of the whole consom beginning with the element of Akasha (space)
    1040. viyatprasuh the source of Viyat, the substance from which evolution takes place
    1041. vrudha the Primeval One
    1042. vyahrutih the seven Vyahrutis (ivocations) of Gayatri Mantra
    1043. vyakta vyakta svarupini the manifest and the unmanifest states
    1044. vyapini all – pervading
    1045. vyomakeshi has the skies above as Her locks of hair on the head

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  • Sanskrit girl names starting with "Y"

    Sl. No. Name Meaning
    1046. yagyakartri directs all sacrificial acts
    1047. yagyapriya delights in acts of sacrifice
    1048. yagyarupa Vishnu, the embodiment of sacrifice
    1049. yai donoted by the syllable I
    1050. yajamana svarupini takes the form of the institutor of sacrifice
    1051. yakinyamba svarupini The Mother who appears in the form of Yakini
    1052. yashasvini most renowned
    1053. yogada can bestow Yoga to votaries
    1054. yogananda the bliss realized through Yoga
    1055. Yogini -
    1056. yogya the object of Yoga
    1057. yoni nilaya houses the power that generates everything
    1058. yonimudra the finger-pose of creation as well (Yoni-mudra)
    1059. yugandhara bears the Yoke of Yoga consisting in regulating the evolution during vast periods of time (Yugas)

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