Hindu Temples of Pakistan

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  • sind Dt - nAgarpArkkara sector
    • sardArA - on karunchar hill, mahAdev
    • anjilichAr
  • Shiva Temple Mansehra city / town, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa old NWFP province, Pakistan; is NOT in use anymore it has been a public library for over 25 years now. The temple you refer to is the ancient Shiva Temple at 'Chitti Gatti' near Gandian village, close to Mansehra town (over 2000 years)
  • Shiva Temple and 'Dussehra house' (for pilgrims) in Abbottabad town, also close to Mansehra.
  • Shiva temple at Mansehra City.
  • Khawasam, 50 kms south of Quetta, Baluchistan Province
  • mohanjadAro - lots of ancient Lord shiva temples (before 3000 BCE)
  • lAki - tAdu sector, sind dt
  • lahore - mahAdev, there is a bharav temple also
  • Lahore - Sheetla mandir
  • Lahore - Doodhwali mata mandir between Shah almi and lahore gate
  • harapa - very ancient temple
  • Katasraj - Lord shiva temple, 30km from Chakwal in Punjab dt. - mentioned in mahabharata
  • Laduv
  • Katas in the salt range
  • Narastan
  • Pandrethan
  • Payar
  • Kafirkot - west of Indus, in North west frontier province
  • Malot in Salt range
  • Mari- Indus - 4 temples, east of Indus, Kalabagh
  • Kallar
  • Amb
  • Bilot
  • Nandana

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