Greatness of devotees

auvaiyAr song

Translation :

Oh, the Lord with vEl (kumAra), if you ask what is big, world is big. But the world was created by brahmA. BrahmA was born in the navel of vishNu. VishNu sleeps in the ocean. The ocean was drunk by agasthya. Agasthya was born from a pot. Pot is a small grain (in size) in this earth. But this earth is hold by the serpent in just one head. But that serpent is a small ring in umA's finger. UmA is there in one part of God, God is in the heart of the devotee. So the greatness of the devotee is great to explain.

A careful look into the thirumuRais will reveal a noteworthy point. In two places God Himself gives a statement and asks to continue the song. One occasion is in thiruvArUr when sun^dha mUrthi nAyanAr wanted to sing thiruth thoNdathth thokai, the greatness of devotees in the "dhEvAsiriya mantapam". Lord gives the first line as "thillai vAz an^dhaNar tham adiyArkkum adiyEn"(slave to the slave of the devotees who live in chithambaram). The other is when ' thoNdar chIr paravuvAr' sEkkizAr wanted to sing elaborately the life of 63 saints in the thiruth thoNdath thokai. Then also Lord says the first word, "ulakelAm". sEkkizAr starts and ends his thiruth thoNdar purANam with the word ulakelAm. Both were sung to praise the devotees. How great are these devotees, to get the songs of their praise to be blessed with the Lord Shiva's own words.
In purANas also it can be seen that Lord Shiva comes for the destruction of evil forces not when they denounce the Lord, but when those evil forces start disturbing the true devotees. For example gajamukAsura, an^dhakAsura and kAla were subjected to the fury of Lord when they tortured the devotees. The Lord takes care of His devotees and offers a reliable shelter in His feet. It is the duty of the devotee to keep praying the Lord unaffected by the external disturbances.

Posted On: 13.07.96

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