Thoodudaiya cheviyan..

This is the first padhikam(song) of Thiru Nyaana Sambandhar. This is in the paN of Nattappaadai (Carnatic Raga Naattai). In this song Sambandhar has indicated the five actions of the God in a very nice way.
The Holy Bull signifies the Dharma or Justice. The God comes on the Holy Bull. This indicates creation. The Moon once ,when he was cursed to lose his "kala"s by Dhaksha, surrendered himself finally to Lord Shiva and pleaded for rescue. The Graceful Lord wore him on His matted hair so that he grows. Sambandhar refers to this incidence of protection.
He smears the ash that is spread in the cremation ground. This deed indicates He alone is immortal. This is the act of destruction. The next one is creating illusions. It is the thief who covers up the fact. God is also a thief. Because he steals our hearts ! The Veedhaas also praise Him as, stheenaanaam pathi (head of thieves), thaskaraanaam pathi (head of robbers).
The fifth one is the act of love in which He blesses the persons who involve themselves in His Holy feet. Sambandhar indicates the puraaNa of Siirkaazi where Brahma offered prayers to Lord Shiva, and thus got His blessings. (Hence the town is also called Brahmapuram).
One nice thing to note in this song is it starts with the first letter as the PraNava. (th+oo). Yes He explains the act of that PraNava ruupa in this song ! Salutations to the God of Brahmapuram


thOdudaiya cheviyan - He wears a ring in His ear, vidaiyERi - Comes on the Holy Bull, yOr thUveN madhichUdi - wears a Moon (in Head), kAdudaiya chudalaip podipUchi - smears the ash in the cremation ground, yen uLLam kavarkaLvan - He is the thief who steals my heart, Edudaiya malarAn - One with a flower or the one on the flower having the book(Veedhaas) - Brahma, munain^At paNin^dhEththa aruLcheydha - when prayed earlier blessed him, pIdudaiya piramA pura - Brahmapuram which having a lot of pride, mEviya pemmAn ivananRE - This person is the God who resides there.

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