Thoughts - Even if they err

 n^aRRamizvalla ~nAnachamban^dhan ,     n^Avinukkaraiyan n^ALaippOvAnum ,  kaRRachUdhan n^aRchAkkiyan chilan^dhi ,     kaNNappan gaNampullan enRivargaL ,  kuRRa~n cheyyinum guNam enakkarudhum ,     koLgai kaNDu n^in kuraikazal aDain^dhEn ,  poRRiraL maNikkamalaN^gaL malarum ,     poygai chUz thiruppunkUr uLAnE              - chun^dharar

Translation :

Well skilled in thamiz such ~nyAnachambandhan, thirunAvukkarasar, thirunALaippOvAr, learnt sUdhan, good chAkkiyan, spider, kaNNappan, gaNampullan - these people even if err, Your policy is to think them as merit. Seeing that I reached Your sounding foot. Oh the One in thiruppunkUr, surrounded by ponds of blooming golden lotuses.

This is the song by sundharar at tiruppunkUr, as per periya purANam sung by the saint accompanied by EyarkOn kalikkAma nAyanAr after his pain was cured. This is a marvelous hymn that shows the magnanimity of the God and Its devotees. This hymn refers to many marvelous devotees of Lord shiva whom the periyar purANam hails as Odhu kAdhal uRaippin n^eRi n^inRAr, kOdhilAdha guNappaeruN^ kunRanAr (stood in the determination of hails of love, blemish-free virtue mounts). These people on this holy earth reached very near to that Perfection Which we hail as Lord shiva. Naturally the words of chEkkizAr above mentioned are not mere praises but they reflect the state of these greats. As put forth by the siddanta, that when the pati approaches, the pAsam leaves away the pashu, these devotees were devoid of flaw as they approached the Perfect God. May be for the Lord, Who is Perfection Itself, the errors of micro granularity of the great devotees may be seen, if at all there is. But for us to look into any errors of these saints would be as laughable as weighing a microorganism in a raw vegetable weighing machine.

It is the magnanimity of the Lord (which is elaborately hailed by saint mANikka vAchakar), to forgive and accept as merit if any of the pure and sincere devotee errs, like a mother. It is only because of this Mercy the Lord shows on us, the pashus, we are able to progress towards the Inexplorable Supreme. It is this magnanimity of the God that is hailed in this song and saint sundharar implicitly requests such a Mercy to be shown in his case also. It would be an absolute fault on us if we misread these lines and start imagining faults what these devotees listed would have done. That would be uncalled for, as the intention of the song is clearly, "Oh Lord when You bless such great devotees of whatever actions they performed, bless me too." For we know how humble sundharar is when it comes to referring to devotees especially sambandhar and appar. So let us hail the Merciful Lord with this hymn.

"Oh Lord ! As You do with Your great sincere devotees, please forgive our errors and correct us to worship You in flawless fashion."

Posted On : 16.04.2001

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