Thoughts - How many arrows per target ?

The form of Lord shiva that is tripurA.ntaka mUrti(1) is a well known form praised by many saints and devotees. mANikka vAchakar enjoys a minute wonderful detail in one of his thiruvun^dhiyAr(2) and gives us the same enjoyment reading through those lines.

The valorous archers carry the bow, an arrow in their hand sometimes and a basket of arrows. mANikka vAchakar sees the tripurA.ntaka swamy, He has the bow of man^dhara mount, has the arrow in the other hand, but ..... there is no arrow basket at His back ! Why ? vAchakar answers "Only if there is a doubt in the confidence that the target would be missed in the first strike one need multiple arrows. See the Lord EkAmbarar has not even two arrows. There is only one. That one is sufficient not for one target, but for targeting three forts that is sufficient for our Lord." Beautiful commentary on His form.

This itself is something enchanting. But mANikka vAchakar did not stop there, but comes out with more for the Lord who entered and stayed in his heart like a nail that enters a tender tree. He says, " Even that one is an extreme surplus" !!!!! Yes, the Lord not taking the help of any external things burnt the three forts of impurities by His smile itself like straws. Great is that tripurA.ntaka mUrti and we enjoy and salute Him with this splendid verse of gem like worded devotee.

Irambu kaNdilam Ekambar thaN^kaiyil
     OrambE muppuram un^dhIpaRa
     onRum perumikai un^dhIpaRa

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Posted On : 02.03.1998

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