The feelings

uRRirun^dha uNarvelAm AnAy n^IyE

This is a beautiful statement of the sage of limitless love, thirun^Avukkarachar in the thiruth thANdakam he recited in thiruvaiyARu. This reflects the high spiritual state of that great sage and it shows how the real love for the Lord should be.

The God who transcedes everything is so great to be completely understood. Rather It should be felt. For devotees who feel Him, He is simple. It is in fact the crown of all the feelings - the love for Him that establishes the connection with Him. When this love grows, comes out of the clouds of personal benefits to raise over the peaks, the devotees who enslaved themselves to that Form of Mercy find the Lord in all their feelings. He who is beyond growth or decay, grows and occupies their hearts and feelings. Whatever be the emotions - happiness, sorrow, anger, submission - everything is directed towards Him. That Almighty is felt like the kid, the mother, the friend, wife / husband to receive all kinds of emotions. It is out of this great love that sun^dharar even scolds the Lord in "mILA adimai" (thiruvArUr), "koduku venychilai" (thiru murugan pUNdi) songs. The same love could be seen in the "chUduvEn pUN^konRai" (thiru ammAnai) and entire thirukkOvaiyAr where mANikka vAchakar expresses the passion for the husband - that is the Lord Himself. The lust is also enjoyable and leading to salvation if it is aimed at that beautiful Lord shiva.

As the Lord is all the relationships Himself for those who hold His flower like feet all the emotions should naturally run around Him. It is the feelings and emotions that accelerates the human to get elevated or dragged down. If all the feelings are towards that Thief who robs the hearts then there can be no doubt about marching towards liberation. If all the feelings are for the Lord then one always keeps thinking about Him and only about Him. If that naked and always blissful Lord is in all the feelings every moment is enjoyable, every emotion is enjoyable.

Posted On: 16 April 97.

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