The unseen feet

brahmA and vishNu taking the forms of bird and pig respectively tried to see the head and feet of Lord shiva when He became a pillar of fire. But they couldn't succeed in their effort. This is an incident that comes in purANas.

thirun^Avukkarachar says in his height of devotion :

n^Adi n^AraNan n^Anmukan enRivar
thEdiyum thirin^dhum kANa vallarO
mAda mALikai chUzthillai ambalaththu
Adi pAdhamen n^enychuL irukkavE


Can n^ArAyaNa and four faced (brahmA) can search and see the feet of the Lord who dances in chitambaram (Lord Shiva) while those feet are in my heart.

brahmA and vishNu tried to find the beginning and end of the Lord who doesn't have beginning or end. The effort to know completely the Lord by the knowledge fails and the ego becomes the hurdle. (It doesn't mean that knowledge never helps). But when one surrenders, acts modest and with surplus amount of love, God shows His presence to that devotee. When we feel proud of our knowledge and try to define the Almighty, It appears too great to know and when we feel we are nothing in Its presence, be simple and loving It becomes very simple to bless us, play with us, becomes our friend, relation and our love.

thirun^Avukkarachar declares in this hymn, the God is in his heart and he need not search anywhere else. Look at the confidence with which he says "That great foot is in my heart ! where else ?". God, who can not be known just by knowledge will be kept captive by the love. ( immaiyE unnaich chikkenap pidiththEn, eN^kezun^ dharuLuvadhu iniyE - mANikka vAchakar I have arrested You now, where can You escape ?).

Posted On: 22.11.96

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