Is taking birth nice for anybody

We have read the teachings of many great saints in which they pray to the Lord for freeing themselves from the cycle of birth and death which brings in a lot of sufferings. From the time the baby is born in the womb of the mother until the death, he/she undergoes a lot of sufferings coated with the sweet of transient pleasure. This makes people to think of relief from further births. No doubt ! the life with sufferings is a hell on the earth. So should we repent for taking birth on earth and look for ways of not taking birth again ? While many say yes there is one great saint who says the birth as human is a boon. Surprising ! Have a look at this song of thirun^Avukkarachar.

kuniththa puruvamum kovvaich chevvAyiR kumiNchirippum
paniththa chadaiyum pavaLam pOlmEniyiR pAlveNNIRum
iniththa mudaiya eduththa poRpAdhamum kANappeRRAl
maniththa piRaviyum vENduvadhE in^dha mAn^ilaththE
$-$ thirun^Avukkarachar


If the curved brow, the smile in the red lips like the fruit kovvai, the wet matted hair, the milky white ash in the body like ruby and the sweet lifted foot are got to be seen, then birth as human being is required in this great earth.

He is really enjoying the form of the Lord from top to bottom part by part. He is floating in the bliss of drinking the nonsaturating honey. He didn't ask for anything. He has no desires. It is just enough for him to keep seeing the graceful form of natarAjar. There is absolutely no suffering. Oh ! if that is the case why should one hate birth ? Exactly that is what he says. "Oh Lord ! If I can enjoy in your form always, give me birth". Birth is a boon for him, not a punishment for any sin.

What is mukthi or vIdu, whatever we call it, after all ? Is it just getting freed from taking birth again ? It literally means liberation. Liberation from what, from taking birth ? If one does not suffer due to his birth why should he ask for liberation from taking birth ? It is actually the liberation from the bondage - pAcham - that binds us to the sufferings. If the pAcham is removed, one gets the mukthi here itself. The presence of God - pathi does it. mANikka vAchakar says "I got liberation today by seeing your golden feet" (meyyE un ponnadikaL kaNdu inRu vIduRREn). If the love for the Lord is achieved everything follows. That is why shankarar says in his shivAnanda lahari "Give me only the devotion for your lotus feet". (tava pAdAMbhuja bhaktimeva dEhi). purushha sUktam says "knowing the greatness of God, praise Him. Those who do it get the immortality here itself. There is no other way known" (vedaahametaM . ....vidyate).

The life we got as human beings on this earth is a boon. Praise the Lord. That removes your sufferings.

Posted on : 3.08.96

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