thunychalum thunychal ilAdha pOzdhinum
n^enychakam n^ain^dhu n^inaimin n^ALthoRum
vanychakam aRRadi vAzththa van^dhakURRu
anycha udhaiththana anyche zuththumE 
$-$ thiru nyAna champan^dhar


While in sleep and not in sleep state think everyday with whole hearted love. When worshipped the feet without bad motive, the five letters kicked the death dreadfully.

Of all the man^thras the Holy Five Letters (namaHshivAya) are the most sacred for the devotees of Lord Shiva. For many of the man^tras there are some restrictions on how and when it should be chanted. Basically they are required in order to get more concentration. But these restrictions many times become a hurdle and people are afraid to say these man^tras.
But thirunyAna chamban^dhar says we have to chant the Holy Five Letters when we are in sleep and also when we are not in that. That is always we should have the pa.nchAkshara in our minds. He further says it is the devotion that is required. If the heart is flowing in love, there is no specific time required for chanting the man^tras and no special formality is mandatory. If we chant with sucha devotion all the times, we will be able to conquer the death too.
The same point is stressed in shiva mahA purANam, which says in many places, the real devotee of the Lord without any wants, will be chanting the holy names of Lord Shiva all the times and will be thinking of them and especially the panchAkshara.
It will be nice if we could spare some time everyday in our life to meditate on the Lord chanting His Holy Five Letters. But having not enough time for that is not an excuse. We can always keep chanting the pa.nchAkshara whenever we get even small intervals or even while working. Even in dreams let us try to chant namaH shivAya.

Posted On: 28.07.96

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