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This section contains selected songs from Twelve Thirumurais. Each link has one song as it is reproduced from the thirumurai followed by Meaning in English and and additional notes section again in English. These are part of the ThirumuRai Series posted in some of the Hinduism mailing lists.

Please note that providing meaning and elaboration texts to thirumuRais has been discouraged in the tradition because they are not like just any other texts, but have been given to us staying intune with the Grace of God. The meaning needs to be felt and depending upon the state one is in these holy texts would give appropriate meaning. In fact the same person would feel the same song to indicate different substances at different points of time. The idea of thirumuRai series is not to provide any exhaustive meaning given the truth of the statements above. It is only something to start with or to be used as a reference to get some idea. May God forgive the errors.

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thirunAvukkarasar mentioning sambandhar 909
Series No.

First thirumuRai (sambandhar) - January

681 enadhurai thanadhuraiyAga manamulAm aDiyavarkku
682 Our Folks vambAr kunRam
683 The Thief n^Ir paran^tha n^imir
684 Rig kuRaL n^Ila mA miDaRRu
685 You reside in places of contrast too! pADaka mellaDip
686 Steals minds of all who approach puNNiyar bUthiyar
687 Want to be misled by novices? vEr van^thuRa
688 He tricked me and got in!! mUvA vaNNar muLai
689 One Who is in union, toegether and distinct IRAy muthalonRAy iru
690 How does Lord shiva do creation, sustenance and reduction? buvam vaLi
691 vEdhAraNayam cilaithanai n^aDuviDai
692 In the heads of sincere devotees karavinRi n^an
693 We see His Foot offering flowers poDiyuDai mArbinar
694 Our Crown; Our Lord thiN^gaL ucci
695 The five do not let me focus thAyum n^IyE
696 Remove hurdles, oh Lord! n^innaDiyE vazipaDuvAn
697 They are as good as dead pUththErn^dhu
698 Want to be an ascetic? oDuN^kum piNi
699 Tell me His Name ciRaiyArum maDakkiLiyE
700 Burnt three and Blessed three pUvAr malarkoNDu
701 Worshipping only Lord shiva maicceRi kuvaLai
702 thiruvezukURRirukkai - Effect of reading all padhikams OruruvAyinai

Second thirumuRai (sambandhar) - February

703 What is the easiest way to get liberation? vIDum nyAnamum
704 Munificent who always gives boons irakkam onRumilAn
705 Free from misery! viNNAnE viNnavar
706 To lead a happy married life ayilArum ambadhanAR
707 One with Blemishless Fame olin^Ir caDaiyil
708 To get rid of karma kallAl n^izal
709 thirunaLLARu EDu mali
710 My Sweet Lord empirAn enakku
711 Is heaven the ultimate spot? maN^kul thOy

Third thirumuRai (sambandhar) - March

712 Bless to shrink our karma ADinAy n^aRu
713 If this is Your grace, so be it! n^anavinum kanavinum
714 I am a sinner. What is the path of salvation for me? n^allavar thIyar
715 The Noble with the Lady thoNDanai ceythozil
716 The way through the heaven mAnam Akkuvvana
717 The Charming One thiraitharu pavaLamum
718 Reputation of thiruvEDakam vanniyum maththamaum
719 Where are the Feet of the Lord of SrikALahasthy? can^thamAr akiloDu
720 Does God beg out of poverty? vinavinEn aRiyAmaiyil
721 What is the use of learning sanskrit and thamiz? < A> can^thucEnanum
722 Only Thing We Regard Is.... kal Al n^Izal
723 kAnchi Rig kuRaL karuvAr kaccith
724 The Lord will accept me?! an^thamAy ulaku
725 The holy mantra namachivAya n^ekkuL Arvam
726 What adulation could be done to God? kuRRam n^I gaNaN^gaL
727 Blessing of chandrashekara can^dhira cEkaranE
728 One Who is celebrated in thiruvAdhirai star Adhiyan Athiraiyan
729 sIrALan siRuthoNDan kUrAral irai thErn^thu
730 Seeking Gods Holy Intent kATTu mAvathu
731 Rhyming songs of sambandhar vALavari kOLapuli
732 Get cured of all bone diseases viN^gu viLai
733 God Who Never Leaves Mind en^thamathu cin^thai
734 To get married soon n^IRu vari ADaravoDu
735 Worship with the best you have cen^thamizar dheyva
736 His Name is everything marun^thavai man^thiram

Fourth thirumuRai (nAvukkrasar) - April

737 Relieve me from stomach pain! n^enycam umakkE
738 Saw everywhere shiva shakti only vaLar mathik
739 Rabbit or crow - choice is yours! enbiruththi n^arambu
740 The Charm is Natural puthuviri pon cey
741 Oh Eyes See! kaNkAL kANminkaLO
742 The Best Thing to Say pUvinukku aruN^kalam
743 Will He Contemn Me? con mAlai
744 Two and Lord shiva iraNDukolAm imaiyOr
745 Lord worshipped by people of various religious sects arumaNith thaDam
746 I am dumbfounded looking for You n^IthiyAl vAzamATTEn
747 How to make the heart Blissful? than^thaiyum thAyumAkith
748 God is Simple One For Us Adhiththan aN^gi
749 Kept to Salute It Everywhere! gaN^gaiyaic caDaiyuL
750 Made Us Think of Gods Glorious Eight Qualities aNNinai uNDa
751 Can a Merciful God Punish? kanaka mA vayiram
752 Do whatever you can to worship the God cilan^thiyum AnaikkAvil
753 mAyiru nyAlam
754 You Make Your Way Into the Mind and Make Me Think manycanE maNiyumAnAy
755 Religions according to the maturity levels of the people virivilA aRivinArkaL
756 Salute rAmEshwaram from anywhere vAkkinAl inburaiththu
757 Bless to Focus on Your Feet vEdhiyA vEdha
758 Oh God of aNNAmalai, You are my thoughts Othi mA malarkaL
759 pradhOSham song vaDaN^kezu malai
760 His Name is everything bAlanAyk kazin^tha n^ALum

Fifth thirumuRai (nAvukarasar) - May

761 I want to live forever, when ... annam pAlikkum
762 Can I think of betterment forgetting aNNAmalai? vaTTanai mathi
763 aNNAmalai that clears the blames peRRam ERuvar
764 Will God postpone? eppOthum iRaiyum
765 Please open the door paNNin n^Er moziyAL
766 Is there something better than heaven? aNDar vAzvum amarar
767 Recipe for happy life n^anRu n^ADoRum
768 Worthless pursuits pokkam pEcip
769 Lord wearing skulls pAlaiyADuvar panmaRai
770 Why did the Lord do this? eN^gE ennai irun^dhiDam
771 Glory of eight flowers aTTa puTpam avai
772 When are shastras worthless? cAththiram pala
773 Father of Lord murugan camara cUrapanmAvaith
774 namaHshivAya uplifted me kallinoDu ennaip
775 Sugarcane juice at thiruveRumbUr virumbi URu viDEl
776 To get sharp brain pUriyA varum
777 Lord of vaithIswatrankoyil veLLarukku aravam
778 koDumuDi removes our vinai ciTTanaic civanai
779 thAyumAnavan thAyumAy enakkE
780 Cheating in religious makeup n^ekku n^ekku
781 Is everybody needs to be confused with philosophy? nyAnaththAl thozuvArkaL
782 Can we be self-reliant? thanniR thannai
783 For those who want to get rid of sin and blame pAvamum pazi
784 The Lord God vEdha n^Ayakan

Sixth thirumuRai (nAvarasar) - June

785 Hail Thee!! ellAm civanenna
786 Poor God viRRUN onRillAtha
787 Eyelike God kurukAm vayiramAm
788 The Scene of Our God mayalAgum than
789 Got to think of the God Who Dances with uma muLaiththAnai ellArkkum
790 God of thirunaLLARu AthikkaN n^Anmukaththil
791 God Who Cures the Root Cause of the Problems mUla n^Oy
792 brahma and viShNu united and searching! n^IrUruny cenycaDaiyAy
793 Are you driven by the world? poN^gu matha
794 He kept the mantra in the mind in^thiraththai inithAka

Seventh thirumuRai (nambiyArUrar) - July

795 Can I say No to You anymore? n^AyEn pala
796 Take me Lord! thailaikkuth thalaimAlai
797 How beautiful is the body? iRaikLODu icain^tha
798 I plead You to bless with austerity kan^tham kamaz

Eighth thirumuRai (maNivAsakar) - August

799 I don't let loose myself. Oh Master, look at me! mey thAn
800 Oh God Hail! kaDavuLE pORRi
801 He kneaded my stony heart into soft fruit kallA manaththuk
802 Don't stray aside, come and sing! pUviyal vAr caDai
803 Blow to that Glorious Feet, king bee! pUvERu kOnum
804 Why So Many Images for the Formless God? thirumAlum panRiyAyc
805 Is there only one way to God? pUcuvathum veNNIRu
806 Feet of God on my Head iNaiyAr thiruvaDi
807 Bow bent and pura burnt! vaLain^thathu villu
808 Bow bent and pura burnt! cIrAr pavaLam
809 Never drying tears of joy kaN anycanaththar
810 Coo my Lord to come! gItham iniya
811 Company of devotees uDaiyAL unRan
812 My Love, Show You as is mARi n^inRennai
813 Oh Glorious, I, the mean, at Your refuge! veRuppanavE ceyyum
814 I yearned for this!! kaiyAR thozuthu
815 Mi acle of God eNNilEn thirun^Ama
816 When will get to exhilarate seeing my Love! n^ekku n^ekkuL
817 What is the point in lamenting to the world? pAroDu viNNAyp
818 Bless asking, "What dear?" cOthiyE cuDarE
819 Iru vinai oppu piNakkilAtha perun^thuRaip
820 From Hell to God in^thiriya vayamayaN^gi
821 Bless me with the zeal towards Lord shiva kalan^thu n^in
822 Inadequacy of human efforts kuzaiththAl paNDaik
823 Company of those insincere to God is the most harmful puRRil vALaravum
824 The King of madhurai will drive away the rebirths cathurai maRan^thu
825 Oh God, Where will You escape now? umbarkaTku aracE
826 Grace of God irumbu tharu
827 All I want is melting for Your Feet uRRArai yAn
828 With Nothing Let us Enjoy ODum kavan^thiyumE

Ninth thirumuRai (thiruvisaippA, pallANDu) - September

829 Tell me the way to tell You oLi vaLar
830 You are all these and not thaRparamporuLE cacikaNTa
831 God is Unexplainable by Holy Books perumaiyiR ciRumai
832 You are the great austerity I would look for! kOlamE mElai
833 Ruby Hill Smeared with Ash n^IRaNi pavaLak
834 Make me enjoy You dhanathan n^aRROzA
835 Oh Charm! Pursue me! thakkan n^aRRalaiyum
836 ThiruvAsagam influence in 9th thirumuRai veRiyERu panRippin
837 Dont be distracted by the glares of the world! maNDalaththoLiyai vilakki
838 What does one get by praying to God? aRputhath theyvam
839 Every time you drink, It tastes so great! baththiyAy uNarvOr
840 Who is the best spouse for a devotee? miNDu manaththavarkaL
841 God is mysterious, but never cheating puran^tharam mAl
842 God is sweet like milk and ambrosia cElum kayalum
843 One Who gave the ocean of milk to crying child! pAlukkup pAlakan
844 Be proud to be a devotee of Lord shiva kuzaloli yAzoli
845 Where can you find all the divines together? ArAr van^thAr
846 God removed the bondage on the soul en^thai en^thAy
847 Crores and crores eNNil pal kODi

Tenth thirumuRai (thirumUlar) - October

848 I am doing well because I sing Lord shiva! pinnai n^inRu
849 Without Lord shiva, there is no way to Bliss! avanai oziya
850 Call Him, "Father", He will be your Father! munnai oppAy
851 Even when declared, they do not realize! kaN n^uthalAn oru
852 If you want to be rich... athipathi ceythu
853 Why does one earn wealth? pORRicaiththum pukazn^thum
854 I won't be shy to embrace You! kANa n^illAy
855 God is with all of us, but guides only those who.... iNaN^gi n^inRAn
856 God has not given me devotion. Isn't He to be blamed? vAn n^inRu azaikkum
857 Atrocities in the name of God pathi palavAyathu
858 Is God Sectarian? pORRI enbAr
859 All you need to know is.... cUDuvan n^enyciDai
860 Fights in the name of God Athip pirAnum
861 Can one get liberation by learning vedas? vEdhaththai viTTa
862 Why did He tell vedas? vEdham uraiththAnum
863 What is the relationship between God, world and us? pathi pacu pAcam
864 The role of God and soul in cleansing oneself cUriya gan^dhamum
865 Ultimate Laziness! cOmbar iruppathu
866 Inactive surrender! thUN^gik kaNDAr
867 Not speaking to the world! peRRAr ulakiR piriyAp
868 What will happen when one dies? UrelAm kUDi olikka
869 How long will I live? aDappaNNi vaiththAr
870 The glory of youth! kizakkezun^thODiya nyAyiRu
871 What does vedas say? vEthAn^tham kETka
872 Tyranny king and death kallA aracanum
873 Share with others; Live peacefully! Arkkum iDumin;
874 Seek knowledge and assimilate dhEvar pirAnaith
875 What is so great about God burning three cities? appu aNi cenycaDai
876 Ride these brillia t horses! Ariyan n^allan kuthirai
877 prathyAharam mUlath thuvAraththai
878 Stayed with shiva chErn^thirun^thEn chiva

Eleventh thirumuRai (padhinonmar) - November

879 With Nothing Let us Enjoy koN^gai thiraN^gi
880 There dances the Handsome! eTTi ilavam Ikai
881 How to control the senses? puNNIyaN^kaL ceythanavum
882 Can you crack jokes with God? thamakkenRum in paNi
883 Do you want to be confident? yAnE thavam
884 Why am I not able to see the God, while the saints saw? kANbArkkum kANalAn^
885 See God in all parts of the day kAlaiyE pOnRu
886 Did the beauty turn the fire red? azalADa aN^kai
887 Do this before you get old kun^thi n^aDan^thu
888 Before you are lifted up dead.... thoTTuth thaDavith
889 How to be rich? vAnakam ANDu
890 Picture of God in the sky virikinRa nyAyiRu
891 Pun paNDaN^gan van^thu
892 How does ardhanArIshvara look? paNDaN^gan van^thu
893 Metaphor for suffering kaDimalark konRaiyum
894 Lamp of hails! collum poruLumE
895 Use of human life peRRa payan
896 The glory that is useless! ulagam anaiththinukkum
897 The sordid piRappuDaiyar kaRROr
898 IngOymalai aDiyum muDiyum
899 valanchuzi vaNaN^guthum vAzi
900 There comes the rain! aravam araikkacaiththa
901 The hands that saved miDaRRAz kaDal
902 mAlai mAlai orupAl
903 Leave the desire for wealth amaivum piRappum
904 Where did this girl lose her heart? uDai thalaiyin
905 Why should we cheat others talking sweet? kaLivan^thu amuthURik
906 The Light at my heart mAnum mazuvum
907 Thy Feet on my head, mind and soul karaththinil mAlavan
908 Where all is our Lord? malaiyaththu agaththiyan
mAyA of God poruL uNarn^thON^giya
910 Divinity of thirukkOvaiyAr varu vAcakaththinil

Twelth thirumuRai (sEkkizhAr) - December

911 When is the life worth living? UnaDain^tha uDambin
912 kailAsh and other abodes n^ilavum eNNil
913 Oh Lord, when I bewilder, guide me! kaikaL anycali
914 Assembly of devotees aran^thai thIrkkum
915 Charm of the Aged moyththu vaLar
916 What do I know to sing Thee? "vEdhiyan Aki
917 God becomes a Friend kETka, virumbi
918 Suffering is not for devotees "thErum koDiyum
919 Your Bliss giving Feet man perum
920 Your uplifting Feet nyAlam uyya
921 Your Feet shines the sun n^Ithi mAthavar
922 Your Feet frees from troubles vEdha AraNam
923 God comes to bless amarnIthi naayanar munyci n^ANuRa
924 Oh shiva! Oh shiva! kaLi yAnaiyin Ir uriyAy!
925 Your Foot that slightly extended thanycE caraNam
926 Who am I among Your devotees? "n^eDiyOn aRiyA
927 Bless me with the darshan of Your supreme abode! "aNNalE! enai
928 Holy Throat - save us! "avvinaikku ivvinai"
929 Eating away the poison, You stood as Ambrosia. Lord! Save! "aDiyArAm imaiyavar
930 Take me out of the pit of misery! "van^thaDain^tha
931 Mother of all souls caDaiyAnai evvuyirkkum
932 The great state of thirunyAnacambandhar "onRu vERuNarvum
933 Unite with Your Holy Foot! civan amarn^tharuLum

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