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This section contains selected songs from Twelve Thirumurais. Each link has one song as it is reproduced from the thirumurai followed by Meaning in English and and additional notes section again in English. These are part of the ThirumuRai Series posted in some of the Hinduism mailing lists.

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Series No. Title Song

First thirumuRai (GYAnasambandhar) - January

218 thamiz of Sacred Path arun^eRiya maRaivalla
219 Pillars for the sky ! vaNDAr kuzal
220 God residing at both natural and artificial beauties aN^gamum vEdhamum
221 What a form ?! maDaiyil vALai
222 Who is above us ? paN^kayaN^kaL malarum
223 Relentless Reminder thunyca varuvArum
224 Throatful poison still deathless, birthless ! thunychum n^AL thuRan
225 How great is this child to be the Chief ! pIraDain^dha pAladhATTap
226 The Master of this world and the ones above thODuDaiya kAdhuDaiyan
227 Fear God or love God ? iyaN^kukinRa iravi
228 God of all nations aRaiyAr punalum
229 Cancellation of sins of those who worship vEdhamOdhi veNNUl
230 Lord of kailasham poDikoL uruvar
231 Joy that melts the body off thEninum iniyar
232 Want to get away from clutches of sin ? kaRRAN^ku eri
233 Renowned for circumambulation valaN^koL pukaz
234 How can God get Angry ? muRRuny caDaimuDi
235 Want to cut down misery ? ven^tha veNNIRu
236 God, the Musician inkural icai
237 What do you see in the pond ? cEvurarum thiNkoDiyAn
238 Story of a pearl in river viDalERu paDan^Agam
239 Have you seen wedding performed by nature ? akanamarn^tha anbinarAy
240 Our Lord's weapons vArmali menmulai

Second thirumuRai (GYAnasambandhar) - February

241 Worship even in gloom vazuvAL perumAn
242 How can one be beyond sins ? ayil Arum ambu
243 How to go to heavens ? cuRRamoDu paRRavai
244 Festivals of MayilApUr kabAleeshvarar maippayan^dha oNkaN
245 How does the God show up ? kaN kATTum n^udhalAnum
246 Prayer to get a child pEyaDaiyA piriveydhum
247 Why ascetics are much fond of besmearing in ash ? pUca iniyadhu n^IRu
248 To get rid of karma kAyach chevvik kAmaR
249 Who can be free from worries ? piRaviyal varuvana
250 Nice abode of thalichangADu cUlam cEr kaiyinIr
251 It is Our Ruling thEnamar pozil
252 Wards off the karma aDaiyum valvinai
253 All the three times offers flowers Ican ERamar
254 No state of neglected kaRaiyinAr pozil
255 Seen Cauvery ? Relook at its beauty cempon Ar tharu
256 Is God difficult one or simple ? peNOr kURinar
257 How to be ruinfree, blamefree and glorious ? viNkaLAr thozum
258 Who said life is difficult ? pADiyADum meyp
259 If you shower flowers on God... mAdhOr kURu
260 His Forms are for us to explore. cAn^tham veNNIRu
261 They worship at sunrise poDikaL pUcip
262 How to control five senses ? thoNDar anychu

Third thirumuRai (GYAnasambandhar) - March

263 Even if You dont care for me ... vAzinum cAvinum
264 To clear the hurdles in yoga Unil uyirppai
265 Released the four vedas . minnin Ar caDai
266 Where did the cranes go ? kaRaiyaNi miDaRuDaik kaN
267 Is the God acceptable to all ? n^iRai veN thiN
268 Austerity for all kalaiyinAnmaRaiyAn gadhiyAkiya
269 What if threatened ? eNthicaikku ezil
270 Glory of nIlanakkar maRaiyinAr malku
271 Want to get rid of old karma and new born miseries ? cUztharu valvinaiyum
272 Throw gold and gems to drive off the birds ! vAnavarkaL thAnavarkaL
273 Rhyme on Mount Kailash puRRaravu paRRiyakai
274 Four abodes in a song van^thu mAl
275 thamiz couplet rhyme paNDu ayan thalai
276 Creates, Destroys too ! ponninAr konRai
277 The Dancer vaLam kiLar

Fourth thirumuRai (thirunAvukkarasar) - April

278 Never forgot Your service calam pUvoDu
279 When does the fear vanish ? palapala kAmaththarAgip
280 God can change the nature n^ariyaik kuthirai
281 The colorful Duo kaNivaLar vEN^gaiyODu
282 How to use our body ? AkkaiyAR payan en
283 Why does the skull laugh ? kiDan^tha pAmbu
284 What to we do when in deep trouble ? iDukkaN paTTu
285 Girl and Devotee kaNDakaN^kAL muNDakaN^kAL
286 How to give up addictions ? viDakilEn aDi n^AyEn
287 nAgEshvara sthalapurANam n^IDuyar viNNum
288 Ruin the sins mun^thith thAnE
289 Uncultivated mind and God perun^thAz caDaimuDimEl
290 Even put on fire we are unharmed eththI pukinum
291 When in darkness of mind, God comes as the cool light vanycanaiyAr Ar pADum
292 For lack of what are we concerned ? pUN^kazal thozuthum
293 How do days become gloomy or great ? thunbam n^ummaith
294 Dont scoff at my devotion paththanAyp pADa mATTEn
295 Like the frog in the mouth of snake OmbinEn kUTTai
296 How long can one wait to see God ? civanenum n^Amam

Fifth thirumuRai (thirunAvukkarasar) - May

297 I'm already happy. Why should I pray to God ? thanagirun^dhadhOr
298 > What makes her love this God ! uRavu pEykkaNam
299 How does the sacred thread look like ? n^eruppinAR kuviththAl
300 He is the Source parappoppAnaip pakaliruL
301 bAlAlayam panyca man^thiram
302 Take Note of me kAththanE pozil
303 Is scriptural knowledge useful ? n^UlAl n^anRA n^inaiminkaL
304 The Perfection in my thoughts cin^thai vAythaluL
305 The elephant padhikam aDuththu van^tha
306 Will my eyes shut without exploring my Lord ? pallArum pala

Sixth thirumuRai (thirunAvukkarasar) - June

307 The stupid who misbehaved at his own refuge aRuththAn kAN ayan
308 Dead days ariyAnai an^thaNar tham
309 One Who gave Lord gaNesh kaivEza mukaththavanaip
310 Worthless don't see their way to Lord shiva oru piRappilAn
311 He is right in my eyes manaththakaththAn thalaimElAn
312 What alms did He come for ? kaTTaN^gan^ thAmonRu
313 Taught me without learning kalainyAnam kallAmE
314 Go the grand way piercing the sky UnuDuththi onbadhu
315 Got to think of One Who is Austerity Himself vAyAnai manaththAnai
316 Having the Service of Lotus Seekers muDiththAmarai aNin^tha
317 The Unkindled Flame that Kindles ! thUNDu cuDaranaiya
318 The Form realized by Yogis uyirAvaNam irun^thu

Seventh thirumuRai (sundharar) - July

319 By what means can I forget You ? eRRAn maRakkEn
320 If not for protecting what else are You here for ? koDugu venycilai
321 Even if I try not to think of You... maRRUp paRRenakkinRi
322 The Wonder that led me ! vaDivuDai mazu
323 Ruling the world is not that glorious vEn^dharAy ulagANDu
324 Can I ever scorn at my Lord ?! thammAnai aRiyAdha
325 Our Beloved Forever URu n^ambi amudhA
326 Oh Crazy, can I ever say I am not Your slave ? piththA piRaicUDI
327 Prayer for Austerity maTTAr malark
328 Got the sight for seeing my Lord shiva Alan^thAn ugan^dhu
329 Liberty with God n^eyyum pAlum
330 What can be relied upon if not God ! viDaiyin mEl varuvAnai
331 I would stand as devotee to Your devotees ! muththA muththi
332 I'm there for You, Go on ! mAnthikazuny caN^giliyaith
333 Other than You, none else. ceNDADum viDaiyAy

Eighth thirumuRai (thiruvAcakam thirukkOvaiyAr) - August

334 If a real simile is to be said for God.... ennai appaa
335 How to please God ? thaaragai pOlum
336 Stupid ones call us stupid kETTAyO thOzi

Ninth thirumuRai (thiruvisaippA) - Sepetember

337 Convergence of devotion thiRambiya piRavic
338 Keep the Dis-illusioning Feet in my heart uyarkoDiyADai miDaipaDalaththin
339 A Cool Sight kaRRavar vizuN^gum
340 Can this simple love get God ? mAthi maNaN^kamazum
341 When will my longing fulfill ? n^aiyAtha manaththinanai
342 One small part of the desire on girls would do thaththai aN^gu anaiyAr
343 Mundane existance became Glorious ! punalpaDa urugi
344 We too got to see that blissful dance kaikku vAn muththin
345 The shivaloka on earth agalOkamellAm aDiyavarkaL
346 Heaps of gems broomed away here ! n^eDiyAnODu n^Anmukannum
347 Why do You hold me so loosely ? tham pAnai cAyppaRRAr
348 Those Feet captured my heart maiyal mAthoru
349 Who is my God ? arivaiyOr kURukan
350 Dancing alone in darkness ? Our heart pains ! thillai ambalaththu
351 Where is the focus of God ? muththar muthupakalE
352 Show her Your Form ! vANuthaR koDi

Tenth thirumuRai (thirumandhiram) - October

353 Long live ! mannuka thillai
354 Simple prescription for a fruitful life yAvarkkumAm iRaivaRku
355 Love is God anbu civam
356 Never harm pious and virtuous paththini paththarkaL
357 Where to Find God ? eNNAyiraththANDu yOgam
358 Body - Gift of God uDambinai munnam
359 Say arahara arakara enna
360 How to chose a guru ? kuruTTinai n^Ikkum
361 Is God in this world ? maraththai maRaiththathu

Eleventh thirumuRai (prabandham) - November

362 To come out of depression ... kiLarn^thun^thu ven^thuyar
363 Recipe for escape from reincarnation Ican avanalAthu
364 God does not stay idle seeing suffering of devotee pirAnenRu thannaip
365 He wore snakes instead of gold ! an^thaNanaith thanycam
366 How do you hide gangai from pArvati ? inivAr caDaiyinil
367 He would save when you drown in grief caN^karanaith thAzn^tha
368 Humor with God uraikkappaDuvathum onRuNDu
369 I can't measure Him ! vEdhiyanai vEdhap
370 If you don't want to get drowned in gloom .... kIzAyina thunba veLLak
371 Supreme Five thalaiyAya ain^thinaiyum
372 A Complete Worship cin^thanai ceyya manam
373 Wherever you are, can you be happy ? poyyA n^arakam
374 A Complete Worship n^enychan^ thaLirviDak kaNNIr
375 The way to get full benefit of the life in this world paDiRAyina collip
376 When the death sees through your eyes ... aDain^dhuymmin ammAnai
377 They are under the influence of deception vALA pozudhu
378 What should I ask God ? vAzththuvAy vAzththA
379 Do you want to come out of karma ? kaDan^Agam UDADum
380 How much more do we talk meaningless things ? maRRup pala
381 If you ask me the wise thing to do ... dhEvanaip pUdhap
382 What a spectrum of glory in our God ! caDaiyE n^Iragan

Twelfth thirumuRai (thiruththoNDar purANam) - December

383 The place that is ensemble of all merits aNNal vIRRirukkap
384 Only They Match them ! perumaiyAl thammai
385 Adherence to thEvAram in periyapurANam kaiththalaththirun^tha vanycak
386 Was kaNNappar wise enough ? Ar thamarAga n^Ir iN^
387 Periya purANam is an authentic research treasure thicai muzuthum
388 How to care for kith and kin ? thALiNai mEl
389 The Greats Meet thozuthu aNaivuRRu
390 How far did appar go enroute kailAsh ? veN^kathirp pakal
391 The devotees of Lord shiva are beyond any discrimination n^inRa anbarai
392 Humble form that knows no lowness cin^thai iDaiyaRA
393 Does surrender offer comfort ? avvuraiyum maNimuththin
394 The discerning welcome note cenRa kAlaththin
395 A precedent set by not setting the foot ! immaiyilE puviyuLLOr
396 Liberation comes to ground ARuvakaic camayaththil
397 Love Messenger cArun^ thavaththu

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