ThirumuRai Series - Year 2001 Collection

This section contains selected songs from Twelve Thirumurais. Each link has one song as it is reproduced from the thirumurai followed by Meaning in English and and additional notes section again in English. These are part of the ThirumuRai Series posted in some of the Hinduism mailing lists.

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Series No. Title Song
1 Five Deeds of Lord thooDuDaiya cheviyan
2 The glory of Ardra darshan muththu vidhAnam
3 Drive away my fear kuRaivilA n^iRaivE
4- 23 thiruvempAvai
24- 33 thiruppaLLiyezuchchi

This series started only in the month of December 2001. So most of the collections are in the archives of the following years. Please check the link below for the complete archive.

ThirumuRai Series Main Page - Complete Archive of the Series

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