Why is veda called podhu and Agamam siRappu?

திருமூல நாயனார் அருளிய திருமந்திரம் எட்டாம் தந்திரம் ஆறந்தம் பத்தாம் திருமுறை திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் வேதமொடு ஆகமம் மெய்யாம் இறைவன் நூல் ஓதும் பொதுவும் சிறப்பும் என்றுள்ளன நாதன் உரையவை நாடில் இரண்டந்தம் பேதமதென்பர் பெரியோர்க்கு அபேதமே. திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் thirumUla nAyanAr aruLiya thirumanthiram eTTAm thanthiram ARantham paththAm thirumuRai thirucciRRambalam vEdhamODu Agamam meyyAm iRaivan n^Ul Odhum pothuvum ciRappum enRuLLana n^Athan uraiyavai n^ADil iraNDan^tham bEdhamadhenbar periyOrkku abEdhamE. thirucciRRambalam

Translation of song:

vedham and Agamam are the truthful Godly scriptures. They are there as general and special. When the conclusion of those two Lord's words are sought, some say 'they are different', but for elevated ones they are not different. Notes: 1. vEdas and Agamas are the basis of Shaivam. They are the words of God. veda is called general (pothu) because while it hails the God through various of Its aspects, it does not say the specific attributes of God. Whereas Agama specifically hails the God with attributes and shows the way to God as applied. (If veda is like science, Agama is like engineering) 2. Those who did not get the concept of these two great scriptures hit the wall that they are different. But those who could see the complete picture and essence, the conclusions of both (vedanta and siddhanta) are the same. c.f. irukku n^An maRai IcanaiyE thozum karuththinai n^inaiyAr kal manavarE - appar. 3. See also http://www.shaivam.org/hipscrip.htm
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