Which God to worship for your spiritual level?

திருநாவுக்கரசர் தேவாரம் தலம் திருமருகல் திருக்குறுந்தொகை ஐந்தாம் திருமுறை திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் பெருகலாந் தவம் பேதைமை தீரலாந் திருகலாகிய சிந்தை திருத்தலாம் பருகலாம் பரமாயதோர் ஆனந்தம் மருகலானடி வாழ்த்தி வணங்கவே. திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் thirunAvukkararcar thEvAram thalam thirumarugal thirukkuRunthokai ainthAm thirumuRai thirucciRRambalam peruklAm thavam pEthaimai thIralAm thirukalAkiya cin^thai thiruththalAm parukalAm paramAyathOr Anan^tham marukalAn aDi vAzththi vaNaN^gavE. thirucciRRambalam

Meaning of song:

Could get (the benefits of) austerity; Could get rid of the idiocy; Could get the twisted mind straightened; Could get to drink the Supreme Bliss; If the Feet of the Lord of thirumarugal is hailed and worshipped. Notes: 1. The worship of Lord shiva is for those who know nothing, as well as those who are off the track, as well as for those who want to grow the virtue trying to realize God, as well as for those who have realized the Supreme.
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Why would those
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