Its darkness even if God is in, if ...

திருநாவுக்கரசர் தேவாரம் தலம் திருவாரூர் திருவிருத்தம் நான்காம் திருமுறை திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் கொடிகொள் விதானங் கவரி பறை சங்கங் கைவிளக்கோடு இடிவில் பெருஞ்செல்வ மெய்துவர் எய்தியும் ஊனமில்லா அடிகளும் ஆரூர் அகத்தின ராயினும் அந்தவளப் பொடிகொண் டணிவார்க்கு இருளொக்கும் நந்தி புறப்படிலே. திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் thirunAvukkararcar thEvAramthalam thiruvArUrthiruviruththam nAngAm thirumuRai thirucciRRambalamkoDikoL vidhAnam kavari paRai caN^gam kaiviLakkODu iDivil perunycelvam eythuvar eythiyum UnamillA aDikaLum ArUr agaththinar Ayinum an^thavaLap poDikoNDu aNivArkku iruLokkum n^an^thi puRappaDilE. thirucciRRambalam

Translation of song:

With the canopy having flag on it, fan, drum, conch and lamp (lantern) they reach the Ruinless-great-wealth.Even if they reach, and even if the Flawless Reverend ofArUr is in there, for those who are smeared in the white ash (devotees) it will be like darkness if naminandhi has gone out!


1. appar in this whole thiruppadhikam hails the serviceof naminandhi aDikaL. In this song he brings out a beautiful glory. The devotees come to the great abode of thiruvArUr.Along with all other things they do have a lamp also inhand for worship. They reach there and God is also inthe abode. But still the devotees see darkness if they donot find the devotee called naminadhi there. naminandhiaDikaL illuminated the abode of ArUr araneRi even when scoffed at by the ignorants. It is the company andguidance of such a great devotee, other devotees seekto worship together. In his absence they feel a loss.This describes the greatness of naminandhi aDikaL as well as the importance of revering devotees.(naminandhi aDikaL history)

2. vidhanam - canopy; thavaLam - white; nandhi- (here) naminandhi aDikaL.
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