Can I worship God in any manner I like ?

சேக்கிழார் அருளிய திருத்தொண்டர் புராணம் கண்ணப்ப நாயனார் புராணம் பன்னிரண்டாம் திருமுறை திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் உள் நிறைந்தெழுந்ததேனும் ஒழிவின்றி ஆரா அன்பில் திண்ணனார் "திருக்காளத்தி நாயனார்க்கு இனிய செய்கை எண்ணிய இவை கொலாம்" என்றிது கடைப்பிடித்துக் கொண்டு அவ் அண்ணலைப் பிரிய மாட்டா அளவில் ஆதரவு நீட. திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் cEkkizAr aruLiya thiruththoNDar purANam kaNNappa nAyanAr purANam panniraNDAm thirumuRai thirucciRRambalam uL n^iRain^thu ezun^thathEnum ozivinRi ArA anbil thiNNanAr "thirukkALaththi n^AyanArkku iniya c eykai eNNiya ivai kolAm" enRithu kaDaippiDiththuk koNDu av aNNalaip piriya mATTA aLavil Atharavu n^IDa. thirucciRRambalam

Meaning of song:

Though the heart was already full (of devotion), not stopping in the unsaturating love, thiNNanAr took up to follow that, "These seem to be the things that are nice for the Lord of thirukkALaththi !", and unable to take leave from that Supreme, with limitless favor ... Notes: 1. thiNNanAr (kaNNappar) already became complete in love at the sight of the Lord of kALaththi. He asked nANan about the decoration of God. nANan told that some brahmin used to come and showers cold water on Him, decorating with flowers and offered food. thiNNanAr decided to stick to that worship. As worship procedure what kaNNappar actually did would be even indigestible. But the key point to note is that he tried sincerely to seek the right way and follow that. On top of it he had enormous amount of devotion to God. Sincerely trying for getting the right knowledge to the extent available and implementing the feasible with strong conviction and great devotion could be observed in these nAyanmAr histories.
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