Conquering Lust

சேக்கிழார் அருளிய திருத்தொண்டர் புராணம் திருநீலகண்ட நாயனார் புராணம் பன்னிரண்டாம் திருமுறை திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் மன்றுளே திருக்கூத்தாடி அடியவர் மனைகள்தோறும் சென்றவர் நிலைமை காட்டும் தேவர்கள் தேவர் தாமும் "வென்ற ஐம்புலனால் மிக்கீர் ! விருப்புடன் இருக்க நம்பால் என்றும் இவ் இளமை நீங்காது" என்று எழுந்தருளினாரே. திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் cEkkizAr aruLiya thiruththoNDar purANam thaDuththATkoNDa purANam panniraNDAm thirumuRai thirucciRRambalam manRuLE thirukkUththADi aDiyavar manaikaL thORum cenRavar n^ilaimai kATTum thEvarkaL thEvar thAmum "venRa aimpulanAl mikkIr ! viruppuDan irukka n^ampAl enRum iv iLamai n^IN^gAdhu" enRu ezun^dharuLinArE. thirucciRRambalam

Explanation of song:

The Divine of the divines Who enacts the holy dance in the assembly, going to each of the houses of the devotees exhibiting their state said, "The magnificent ones by conquering the five senses ! Be with Us fondfuly, never loosing this youth." and moved. Notes: 1. thirunIlakaNdar (potter) due to the high-beat of the youth, went out due to the desire. Since the angry wife refused to accept him saying "thirunIlakaNDam", they spent all their life without touching each other. At this point God in the play exhibits the greatness with which they had lived. Conquering lust is very difficult. That too in youth. Still there are some who renunciate worldly pleasures in youth. But for a person married with a beautiful wife it is unimaginable. May be the ones who brought up their mind from childhood and continue that very firm may be able to. But our nAyanAr was a person who was already enjoying desire. Still just on hearing the vow in the name of "thirunIlakaNDam", the Essence of his life, he just dropped it at that moment, not even physically, but also mentally ! From then on even without anybody else noticing they lived the life where lust did not get a corner to hide. It was only exposed much later for the world to appreciate. But they were already in the liberated state even since the day of the vow. "madhu conna cULAl iLamai thuRakka vallEn allEn ..." - paTTinaththaDikaL. Details of the life of thirunIlakaNDa nAyanAr could be found here.
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