A precedent set by not setting the foot !

திருத்தொண்டர் புராணம் பன்னிரண்டாம் திருமுறை திருஞானசம்பந்த நாயனார் புராணம் திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் "இம்மையிலே புவியுள்ளோர் யாருங் காண, ஏழுலகும் போற்றிசைப்ப, எம்மை ஆளும் அம்மை திருத்தலையாலே நடந்து போற்றும் அம்மையப்பர் திருவாலங்காடாம்" என்று தம்மையுடையவர் மூதூர் மிதிக்க அஞ்சிச் சண்பைவரும் சிகாமணியார் சாரச் சென்று செம்மை நெறி வழுவாத பதியின் மாடோர் செழும்பதியில் அன்றிரவு பள்ளி சேர்ந்தார். திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் thiruththoNDar purANam twelth thirumuRai thirunyAnacamban^tha n^AyanAr purANam thirucciRRambalam "immaiyilE puviyuLLOr yArum kANa, Ezulakum pORRicaippa, emmai ALum ammai thiruththalaiyAlE n^aDan^thu pORRum ammaiyappar thiruvAlaN^kADAm" enRu thammaiyuDaiyavar mUthUr mithikka anycic caNpai varum cikAmaNiyAr cArac cenRu cemmai n^eRi vazuvAtha pathiyin mADOr cezumpathiyil anRiravu paLLi cErn^thAr. thirucciRRambalam Meaning: "In this life itself for the whole earth to see, with the hailing of the seven worlds, the mother, who has taken our devotion, walked with her head and saluted - such thiruvAlankADu of Mother-Father !", thus afraid of putting the foot in that ancient town of his Master, the crown-gem of caNbai (cambanthar) went alongside and slept that night in the neighborhood of that town that does not slip from the righteous path. Notes: 1. cambanthar did not want to walk with his legs in the town where kAraikkAl ammaiyAr in her great devotion walked with her head. So he stayed outside the town. God asked him in the night, "Did you get tired to sing me ?" Immediately in the midnight itself cambandhar sang, "thunyca varuvArum". 2. cundharar seems to have been much impressed by this incident. When he went near the towns of cambandhar and appar (cIrkAzi & thiruvadhikai), he worshipped from outside the town itself unwilling to put his feet in the holy towns of these great saints. Isn't he the one who followed in words and spirit these two masters, whom he kept in utmost reverence ! 3. caNpai - one of the 12 names of cIrkAzi; mADu - nearby.

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