Only They Match them !

திருத்தொண்டர் புராணம் பன்னிரண்டாம் திருமுறை தடுத்தாட்கொண்ட புராணம் திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் பெருமையால் தம்மை ஒப்பார்; பேணலால் எம்மைப் பெற்றார்; ஒருமையால் உலகை வெல்வார்; ஊனமேல் ஒன்றும் இல்லார்; அருமையாம் நிலையில் நின்றார்; அன்பினால் இன்பம் ஆர்வார்; இருமையும் கடந்து நின்றார்; இவரை நீ அடைவாய் என்று திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் thiruththoNDar purANam twelth thirumuRai thaDuththAT koNDa purANam thirucciRRambalam perumaiyAl thammai oppAr; pENalAl emmaip peRRAr; orumaiyAl ulagai velvAr; UnamEl onRum illAr; arumaiyAm n^ilaiyil n^inRAr; anbinAl inbam ArvAr; irumaiyum kaDan^thu n^inRAr; ivarai n^I aDaivAy enRu thirucciRRambalam Meaning: "In the glory they are comparable only to themselves; By way of honoring they got Me; Due to the focus they could win this world; They are the ones with no shortcomings; They stand at the stage hard to achieve; The bliss they enjoy is out of their love; They stand beyond both (life on earth and the one after death); Here, you get to them", so said (the God). Notes: 1. sundharar on seeing the dEvAciriya hall filled with devotees whose hearts are filled with love for God, not having courage even to worship them (!) pleaded to God, how he can understand and hail their glory. The God, Who had made sundharar to be born on earth to give us the great flawless thiruththoNDaththokai, told their glory to sundharar. Not just that, Lord gave the first line for sundharar (thillai vAz an^thaNar tham aDiyArkkum aDiyEn), to start hailing the devotees. 2. irumaiyum kaDan^thu n^inRAr - though the permanent stay at the abode of Lord shiva is the liberation after the life on this earth, is the goal one need to have, these devotees who have been liberated on this earth itself of all their bonds and stay ever with the God mentally, they have surpassed the benefits that the earthly and the other life offer ! c.f. kUDum anbinil kumbiDalE anRi vIDum vENDA viRalin viLaN^ginAr - periya purANam

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