Prayer for Austerity

சுந்தரர் திருப்பாட்டு தலம் திருத்துறையூர் பண் தக்கராகம் ஏழாம் திருமுறை திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் மட்டார் மலர்க்கொன்றையும் வன்னியும் சாடி மொட்டாரக் கொணர்ந்து எற்றியோர் பெண்ணை வடபால் கொட்டாட்டொடு பாட்டொலி ஒவாத் துறையூர்ச் சிட்டா உனை வேண்டிக் கொள்வேன் தவநெறியே திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் cun^tharar thiruppATTu thalam thiruththuRaiyuR paN thakkarAgam EzAm thirumuRai thiruchchiRRambalam maTTAr malark konRaiyum vanniyum cADi moTTArak koNarn^dhu eRRiyOr peNNai vaDapAl koTTATToDu pATToli OvAth thuRaiyUrc ciTTA unai vENDik koLvEn thavan^eRiyE thiruchchiRRambalam Meaning: Gushing along vanni and konRai flowers rich in honey, peNNai river showers along with buds in the north bank, where the dance to the rhythm of drums and the music of the songs does not stop, oh Excellent Lord of such thiruththuRaiyUr, I would plead for the path of austerity. Notes: 1. cundharar led married life. How could his life be said austerely ? Austerity is not all about staying in forests eating leaves and sitting amidst fire. It is the perseverance in cleansing the soul and sticking to the motto is the way to the Supreme, irrespective of what trouble come in the way. "pizaippanAgilum thiruvaDip pizaiyEn vazukki vIzinum thiruppeyar allAl maRRu n^An aRiyEn maRumARRam" are his own words. That too these were sung at the time when he was fully distressed losing the sight on both the eyes. Isn't that the great example of austerity ? 2. maTTu - honey; cADi - dashing on; OvA - unceasing; ciTTan - excelling one.

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