What alms did He come for?

திருநாவுக்கரசர் தேவாரம் தலம் திருஆமாத்தூர் திருத்தாண்டகம் ஆறாம் திருமுறை திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் கட்டங்கந் தாமொன்று கையிலேந்திக் கடிய விடையேறிக் காபாலியார் இட்டங்கள் தாம்பேசி இல்லே புக்கு இடும்பலியும் இடக்கொள்ளார் போவாரல்லர் பட்டிமையும் படிறுமே பேசாநின்றார் பார்ப்பாரைப் பரிசழிப்பார் போல்கின்றார்தாம் அட்டிய சில்பலியும் கொள்ளார் விள்ளார் அழகியரே ஆமாத்தூர் ஐயனாரே. திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் thirun^Avukkaracar thEvAram thalam thiruAmAththUr thiruththANDakam ARAm thirumuRai thiruchchiRRambalam kaTTaN^gan^ thAmonRu kaiyilEn^thik kaDiya viDaiyERik kApAliyAr iTTaN^kaL thAmpEci illE pukku iDumpaliyum iDakkoLLAr pOvArallar paTTimaiyum paDiRumE pEcAn^inRAr pArppArai paricazippAr pOlkinRArthAm aTTiya cilpaliyum koLLAr viLLAr azakiyarE AmAththUr aiyanArE. thiruchchiRRambalam Meaning: Holding an axe in the hand, riding a fast bull, with ornaments of skulls, talking sweet, entering into the house He neither accepts the alms nor does He leave; He spoke inappropriate and fraudulent words; Looks like the One Who would make those who see him lose their character. He neither accepts the small alms offered nor does He speak out. Beautiful is the Chief of thiruvAmAththUr ! Notes: 1. This is an agaththuRai song. This song also indicates the subtle concept of divine grace. God, as identified by the exterior characteristics is got to be seen by the soul. Due to the grace on the soul, the Sweet one gets into the house of heart in the guise of something else. At the later stage He does not leave away the matured soul, completing the action what He seemed to have come for. Through the power of illusion, pulls out the soul from its characteristic of being stuck to the filth (and removes the illusion also) (c.f. vanycate parivanycate - shrI rudram). He does not get away with small alms. He wants the whole self to be given ! He does not say things explicitly (what is the use of knowing the plan, while He takes care of executing it smoothly !) Isn't this the Beauty !! 2. kaTTaN^gam - kaTvAN^gam - axe; il - house; pali - alm; paTTimai - going astray; paDiRu - fraud; paricu - nature; aTTudhal - to put; viLLAr - doesn't open mouth; aiyan - chief.

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