Dead days

திருநாவுக்கரசர் தேவாரம் தலம் கோயில் திருத்தாண்டகம் ஆறாம் திருமுறை பெரிய திருத்தாண்டகம் திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் அரியானை அந்தணர் தம் சிந்தையானை அருமறையின் அகத்தானை அணுவை யார்க்கும் தெரியாத தத்துவனைத் தேனைப் பாலைத் திகழொளியைத் தேவர்கள் தம் கோனை மற்றைக் கரியானை நான்முகனைக் கனலைக் காற்றைக் கனைகடலைக் குலவரையைக் கலந்து நின்ற பெரியானைப் பெரும்பற்றப் புலியூரானைப் பேசாத நாளெல்லாம் பிறவா நாளே. திருச்சிற்றம்பலம் thirun^Avukkaracar thEvAram thalam kOyil thiruththANDakam ARAm thirumuRai periya thiruththANDakam thiruchchiRRambalam ariyAnai an^thaNar tham cin^thaiyAnai arumaRaiyin akaththAnai aNuvai yArkkum theriyAtha thaththuvanaith thEnaip pAlaith thikazoLiyaiyth thEvarkaL tham kOnai maRRaik kariyAnai n^Anmukanaik kanalaik kARRaik kanaikaDalaik kulavaraiyaik kalan^thu n^inRa periyAnaip perumpaRRap puliyUrAnaip pEcAtha n^ALellAm piRavA n^ALE. thiruchchiRRambalam Meaning: Rare One; Heart of the nice and cool hearted people; Nucleus of the exceptional vedas; Miniscule One; Principle that nobody knows; Honey-like; Milk-like; Brilliant Light; The king of divines and then black one (viShNu), four faced (brahma), fire, air, roaring ocean, esteemed mountains - blend in all the Grand One Who stands, the Lord of perum paRRap puliyUr, about Him, on whichever day not spoken all those days are same as not born ! Notes: 1. Sixth thirumuRai is fully thiruththANDakam. In thirumuRai appar is the only one who has composed the songs of this construct. Hence he is called "thANDakac cathurar". This has in each half line first two blocks have three "acai" and the following two only two "acai". (It may be difficult to note this in the form above as the blocks have been split into words for easy understanding.) 2. As the song hails the glory of God that stands grand intermingled with the divines, the five elements of the universe, this pathikam is called "periya thiruththANDakam". 3. Given that the life is to uplift oneself to the great Bliss God offers, the days spent without speaking the glory of that God shiva, is not a day lived but is as good as a dead day ! 4. As the vyAgrapAda maharshi worshipped in thillai, this abode is called perum paRRap puliyUr.

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