Thevara Vaipputh Thalangal

The great shaivite saints of the thamiznadu chamban^dhar, appar, chun^dharar travelled through the length and breadth of the thamiz land in the olden days when the travel was not so easy. They kindled the spiritual feeling which was sleeping in the minds of people. These highly precious hymns that brought about the awakening were stored in the chidhambaram temple. These palm leaves which were kept in a room for centuries unopened were eaten away by the termites, an uncompensatable loss !! When the room was reopened by the Emperor rAjarAjan only less than 10% of those valuable masterpieces were recoverable. The temples which have got at least one padhikam completely on its praise in this recovered collection are called pAdal peRRa thalaN^gaL. The songs on many ancient temples have been thus lost. But from the other recovered hymns there are referrels to the other temples. Such temples which have been mentioned in the padhikams but do not have at least one full padhikam praising it completely are called vaipputh thalaN^gaL.

Periya puranam referred Thalangal

chEkkizAr when describing the life history of these three great devotees mentions the abodes of the Lovely Matted Haired Lord visited by them. From these we could see some of the temples for which the padhikams have not been recovered also gets the mention. These temples are listed in the following links. (Please note that some of the temples mentioned in these list could have been sung by the any of the other two and hence gets classified in Padal Petraa Thalangal.)



Sundharamurthi Nayanar

Vaipputh Thalangal - as referred in Thevaram

These are the temples those get mentioned somewhere in the middle of thEvAra padhikams but for which there are no direct padhikams. (Please note that some of the temples mentioned in these list could have been sung by the any of the other two and hence gets classified in pAdal peRRa thalaN^gaL.)



Chundharamurthi Nayanar

The following are called the thEvAra vaipputh thalaN^gaL as they have been referred by any one of the three saints but the exclusive padhikam of the abode by any one of them is not available.

List of vaipputh thalangaL

Temples referred by Manikkavasakar

mANikka vAchakar

thirunavukkarachar has travelled extensively not just in thamiz land but through many states of India on his way to Mt.kailash as referred in periya puranam

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