In the vishaka star of the month chiththirai, the Lord of thiruvaiyARu comes around on the glass palanquin to these seven holy places called vivAha sapthasthAnam.


Son of siladha mahaR^ishi is nandhi dhEvar. The austerity of the mahaRishi and the unparalleled devotion of the son to the Lord Shiva made him the prime attendent of the Lord. Not just that, he got the name of the Lord Itself as namdhi which means Birth & Deathless ! The God Himself arranged the marriage of nandhi with a girl svayam prakashai. As part of the wedding ceremony where seven steps are taken, the Lord took them to the seven abodes which are hence called sapthasthAnam. If the devotion is sincere what all does our beloved Lord does for the devotees !! This festival of coming around through seven abodes is celebrated on the chiththirai (mid April - mid May) on the vishakam star.


State : Tamil Nadu
District : Thanjavur
Situation: In and around thiruvaiyaRu.

The seven temples are:

  1. thiruvaiyARu
  2. thiruppazanam
  3. thiruchchORRuththuRai
  4. thiruvEdhikuDi
  5. thirukkaNDiyUr vIraTTam
  6. thiruppUn^thuruththi
  7. thirun^eyththAnam

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