Ponmanai Sri Theembileshvarar temple

God       : Thimbileshwarar
thiirtham : ThamiraparaNi river
Great saints visited : vyAgrapAdhar


It is said that a shepherd by name TheembilAdhipan when cutting grass for the calfs, was shocked to note the outpouring blood from a stone. When he removed the covering bushes, he saw a self-appeared lingam (swayambhu). Later the temple was built up the Chozha and pANdiya kings. This temple is one in the shivAlaya Ottam temples.


Situated on the bank of river thAmiraparaNi facing east. The Sactum is round in shape. The nine planets are carved nicely on the roof of the Nandhi Mantapam.


State : Tamil Nadu
District : Kanyakumari
Situation: 5 miles from kulachEkaram on the way to churuLakodu.