Perur Sree Pattishwarar temple

God       : pattishvarar
Goddess   : pachainAyaki
Tree      : Peepal (Arachu)
thiirtham : chakra thIrtham, brahma thIrtham
Great saints visited : kAmadhenu, vyAghrapAdar, pada~nchali, parashurAmar, kAlavaR^iShi, sun^dharar, pANdavas, karikARchOzan, kulasekaran, muchukun^dhan, aruNagirinAthar Other names : 


Referred to as kA~nchivAyp pErUr in sun^dharar thEvAram, pErUr is one of the very ancient temple in the Coimbatore region. This is also called western chithambaram (mElaich chithambaram). This temple gets mentioned in the sha~Nkara bhAShyam written by shrI sha~Nkara bhagavatpAdar. The noyyalARu which was known as kA~nchi flows to the north of this temple.

Long ago it was found that one cow used to pour its milk over an anthill regularly in the forest. There people found a self manifested li~Ngam. From that time the worship of the Lord is supposed to have started in this temple. The impression of the cows feet and its horn could be found on the shiva li~Ngam. karikARchOzan worshiped here to get rid of the sin of murder here. kulachEkaran got cured of the lepracy and muchukun^dhan got removed the darkness in his face praying the Lord here.


  • naTarAjar deity and many beautiful sculptures
  • The specialities of this holy place are:
    1. immortal palm
    2. reproductionless tamarind
    3. wormfree dung
    4. bone becoming stone
    5. The dying creatures keeping their right ear upwards


State : Tamil Nadu
District : Coimbatore
Situation: A town 6 km west from Coimbatore.
Nearby Temples: veLLiN^giri, aiyAsAmy malai, marudhamalai, muttam nAgeshvarasvAmi temple, kAlaveshvara svAmy temple.