MunchiRai thirumalaith thevar Alayam

God       : shUlapANi, munychiraith thirumalaith thEvar, mahAdhEvar
thiirtham : river
Great saints visited : vyAgrapAdhar


This temple is the first one in the shivAlaya Ottam. There are stone-inscriptions in this temple of the kings rAjEn^dhira chOzan, thirumalai nAyakkar.


This temple is situated on a cliff east-facing. In the North of this temple there is a temple for mahAviShNu.

Main Festivals

  • shivarAtri
  • kumbAShTami (mAsi month)
  • vRichika aShTami (kArthikai month)
  • paNkuni kodiyERRam - peruvizA


State : Tamil Nadu
District : Kanyakumari
Situation: 4 miles south of kuziththuRai.