Smeared in red (raktApam), blossomed face, crowned with moon, carrying the staff with a collection of bones to the left, Three eyed, lotus hands like vEdAs (four), having skeletons, vINA, striking with right hand the Damarukam (drum) in the left hand, holding axe and deer, to that ka.nkALa dEva salutations.


Purana of the Deity :

Kangalar : God with skeleton

Lord shiva is said to be associated with destruction, dancing in cemeteries, wearing the skulls and bones etc. Why ? While everybody irrespective of human, animal, plant, devas, asuras and all creatures at the time of praLaya get reduced (die) to be created again in the next prapanchOtpatti, God is the only one, Who is ever present. Indicating this Eternal being of God is the skulls, skeleton ornaments and the concept that It dances in the cemeteries.


Kangalar is the Moorti after the reducing all the creations into Him. He will be having a staff with bones collected in it, which is an indication of destruction. He alone will exist and will be enjoying the Self.

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