dakshiNAmUrthy Dakshinamoorthy as painting

Dakshinamurthy Dhyaana Slokam

The leg pressing over a demon, on the top of which the Embodiment of merits is sitting with one leg folded, the one who teaches difficult words (vedas) with ease, the sages enjoying (the teachings, sitting) on ground, with the (hand) posture of explaining, a fire pot, book and akshamAla in the four hands, Who trembles away my ignorance, to That dakshiNAmUrti (salutations).

Purana of the Dakshinamurthy

dakshiNA mUrti: south faced Lord (yOga mUrti)

The four sons, of brahmA, sanaka, sanandana, sanAtana, sanat kumAra did austere tapas and analysis, but they were unclear of the Supreme Truth. They finally decided to come to Lord Shiva to get the knowledge of the Truth. The Lord sat under the banyan tree, and the four sages also sat down around Him. Lord stayed in the yOga posture without saying a single word. The four sages got all their doubts cleared just by that posture. The form in which God appeared as a Supreme Guide is the form of wisdom dakshiNAmUrti.

This explains that the Truth cannot be explained in words and must be experienced. Including the great chinmudra posture, the posture of shrI dhakshiNA mUrti, who is the teacher of all the teachers, indicates a lot of information that needs days to explain. As thirumUlar says, the posture of the guru is a thing to be thought about always. That is the clarity ! (theLivu guruvuru chin^dhiththal thAnE)

Dakshinamoorthy Picture of Yoga Dakshinamoorthy Picture of dakshinamurthy
Sri Vinadakshinamurthy, Thiruppatrurai
Sri Vinadakshinamurthy, Thiruppatrurai
Sri Vinadha-Dakshinamurthy, Kizhvelur
Sri Vinadha-Dakshinamurthy, Kizhvelur
Sri Vinadha-Dakshinamurthy, Kizhvelur
Sri Vinadha-Dakshinamurthy, Kizhvelur

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